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   Chapter 62 Melody Came Back

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Everything could not escape from Terence's eyes. Aron was clearer than anyone else about this point. However, at the moment of seeing Hester, he could not suppress the throb in his heart and decided to take the risk.

But now that Terence had been exposed, he felt relieved. He was like a prisoner who was sent to the execution ground. The moment he was stabbed by the sword, his heart sank and there was no fear.

"Yes, we found Miss Hester in the Beach Hotel. But I asked Cherry to take her home." In a general way, Aron told Terence his decision and then waited for his execution calmly.

"Tell me the reason." He said indifferently, but his eyes looked into the distance and were as sharp as knives.

"I can't explain. She is different from those women I know," His heart was like being twined around a string, which could not be cut off. He could not figure out his inexplicable feelings for Hester. There was even a moment that he would recall the desperate and sad eyes of his mother when she was separated from him.

To be frank with Terence, Aron said, "Terence, I don't have a crush on her. I just don't want her to be sad."

The man sneered coldly, but he didn't say anything. He didn't want to show how much he cared about that woman, in case his secrets would be exposed.

"And there's another thing, Terence, Melody has come back." Aron knew the news would definitely shock him, so he tried to keep a peaceful tone and looked at his best friend uneasily.

Terence's face was emotionless. After a long time, he started the engine, stepped on the gas and sped away.

The car window was rolled down. The stormy wind of the city blowing gently on his handsome face. He needed to calm down as soon as possible.

In the villa, the study room was all quiet, only the sound of antique wall clock ticking.

Aron stared at the clock on the wall. On the rosewood carved tea table in front of him, there was an Austrian Riedel harp crystal decanter which the fluid in it was red just like blood.

He was calcu

eir information." Lisa handed him a document and invited him to have a look.

After what had happened between him and Alex, Terence became more and more cautious with the servants around Hester. He kicked all the servants out who might hurt her.

He looked through the information Lisa had handed him and thought it was all right. Then he said, "Give me 24 hours to watch Hester at home after she comes back. If anything goes wrong, you know the consequences."

A ferocious look painted across Terence's face. Lisa asked in a trembling voice, "Mr. Terence, shall we go to pick up Miss Hester now?"

He frowned and threw the document on the desk. "It's late now. I'll pick her up tomorrow. You only have to do your job. It's none of your business."

Lisa left the study room.

"Terence, would you like to take Miss Hester home?" Aron raised his eyebrows and turned to look at Terence in surprise. "But Miss Hester hasn't recovered yet. She needs a professional doctor." Now without Alex, Qi family had no other family doctor.

"This thing I want you to make it right. Make sure the doctor is reliable." Terence emphasized that "reliability", it couldn't let the second Alex appear. Although he got rid of him, his crazy action reminded Terence of it. He could only feel lucky that if he was late that night, the consequences would be unimaginable.

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