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   Chapter 61 Keep your woman under control

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His white handkerchief sent out a faint fragrance, like the fragrance of green grass. At that moment, Hester was a little distracted. Aron was the first one to say that her eyes were beautiful.

In fact, her eyes were only a little bit larger than ordinary girls, but other almost had no feature. It was just that for the eyes of Aron, they were born with amorous eyes, which seemed to glow.

She had never seen a man's eyes could be so beautiful. He was not a melancholy person, but his amorous eyes made him look melancholy, a little like Leslie Cheung's eyes.

She didn't have any special feelings towards Aron, except that she was born to love delicate things. His eyes, like soft and first-class porcelain, made her feel good.

She finally realized that she had stared at Aron for a long time. She withdrew her sight silently and asked in a low voice, "How is Cherry?"

"She is fine. She was extremely happy last night." Aron seemed to be resigned and smiled.

Hester was stunned at first. Was she happy?

Cherry was so different from ordinary people that Hester couldn't understand her. She and Cherry were like two extremes, one was quiet as a virgin, and the other was as restless as a rabbit.

Aron found Hester's puzzlement, but he explained. After all, the actions of Cherry were some evil. This kind of evil should be beyond Hester's imagination. He did not want to pollute her eyes.

Last night, Cherry took indecent photos with Yam's phone and made the scene look pornographic. She also posted the photos on Yam's social account.

In the morning, the news were issued, he learned that the Ning family had been attacked by the media. Also, Yam had been philandered and taken to the police station. No matter how hard she tried to explain, she still couldn't deal with those things. However, given the influence of the Ning family, she should be out soon. Even if she came out, her image has degenerated.

"Miss Hester, may I know the reason why you are with Mike?" Although it was a bit abrupt, Aron still felt it necessary to find out the truth. Not only he wanted to know, but also Terence should be c

reover, he was the brother of Terence, whose veins were connected by each other.

"He transferred the assets of the group, which caused a great loss to the group. The board of directors almost dismissed Terence from his position."

"Mike… He didn't tell me about this... " Her mind was in a mess. The man she thought was pure now became a total distorted picture in her mind. She didn't know how crazy a man could be for his own good.

Aron sighed slowly, and his eyes fell gently on the woman's small face. She was as clean as a piece of white paper, and she was not on the slightest guard against people. No wonder why Terence wanted to watch on her, as she would be deceived by countless people if she went outside.

She was like an angel flying with wings. She knew nothing about this mortal world at all. She was ignorant and innocent.

"Well, have a good rest and don't think too much."

After Aron finished his last sentence, he turned around and walked out of the ward. He quietly closed the door behind him. Even though Hester couldn't hear anything, he still maintained his usual manner.

When he walked out of the hospital, he found that Terence was waiting for him in the car.

The light in his eyes dimmed, like a giant abyss, waiting for Aron to fall in.

"Why was your lover with Hester last night?" After Aron sat in, Terence cast a scornful glance at him and said with uncontrollable anger.

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