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   Chapter 60 Your Eyes Are So Beautiful That You Shouldn't Cry

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6806

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If they could understand what behind Terence's smile, no one would like to see.

He looked so handsome when he laughed. His face would be vivid, vivid with the most bright color in the world, but it was like beautiful red spider lily, burning and furious, but it was driving on the road to netherworld, full of the scent of death.

Yam had only seen his smile once before. When a person of a very old generation in the board of Qi group

who opposed him to be the CEO, using his young age as an excuse.

She would never forget that kind of smile, because the old man jumped down from the 21st floor the next day and was smashed to pieces.

No one knew whether it was because of Terence. In a word, no one in the group objected to him.

"Terence..." As Terence walked towards her, Yam seemed to be infuriated. She stepped back, and huddled herself in the corner.

The man's slender hand passed through her hair, and his movements were as gentle as the sunlight of April. Then his palm slowly moved down.

"Terence, no, please don't..." Yam shook her head in horror. Tears were welling up in her eyes, and she didn't dare to fall.

"Yam, you have crossed my bottom line, you know?" His tone was as gentle as water, and his breath was like feathers on her face. He was still smiling happily.

"Terence, I... I will never do that again...... " She nearly failed to control her own voice, and every word she uttered floated in the air. Then she felt a tightened neck that she was completely unable to make a sound.

Almost all the people brought by Yam had been killed. The man fell to the ground and groaned, while the woman was obediently crouching to the wall and didn't dare to move. They all crossed their hands over heads, as if it was a pornographic scene.

"Mr. Aron, you are awesome!" Cherry's voice was so affectedly sweet that an octopus had already got close to Aron.

Those men huddled up on the ground, Aron looked down at them contemptuously. As a professionally trained soldier, they were not e

ence kept staring at her coldly like a wedge. He kept on staring at her for a long time, but finally suppressed his anger in his heart. What else could this stupid woman do except making trouble for him?

However, he couldn't help worrying about her. He never treated a woman this way?

Recently, in addition to work, Terence only devoted himself to Hester, which annoyed him and made him upset.

He pressed his cold lips, sniffed, gave her a look of disgust, and unraveled a button on his shirt wildly, striding out of the ward.

Although the door was slammed to the ground, it did not work on Hester. Instead, Aron was shocked.

He pretended to be scared, patted his chest and smiled gently at Hester. "I'm sorry, Miss Hester, I was going to save Cherry. I didn't know that you were also there, so..."

He felt a little uneasy. He had promised her not to let Terence find her. Now he felt guilty as if he had broken his promise.

Hester shook her head softly. She didn't want to blame Aron. On the contrary, if it weren't for him, she would have been raped at that time.

Aron took out a clean silkworm handkerchief from his pocket and gently handed it to Hester.

She looked at him, puzzled.

"Your eyes are beautiful that you can't cry." He could not bear to see her cry, as if every drop of her tears would burn his soft heart.

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