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   Chapter 59 Yam, long time no see

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Suppress the panic of the heart, Hester stared at the group of people with a delicate neck. She tightly clenched her pink fist. Her palms were sweating from nervousness. She knew that it wouldn't be easy for her to escape when they met in this crowded night club.

In the past, she always put up with everything, but in the current situation, it was completely useless to put up with it.

"Hester has always been pretending to be a poor girl in front of Terence. I didn't expect you to come here either." Yam strutted to her, holding her head high. Disdain and anger were written all over her face. "If Terence saw you come here, what would he think?"

"Oh, isn't you miss Yam, the girl who fornicated with a man reported in the news two days ago?" When the lights in the club were out of sight, Cherry burst into laughter as if she just recognized Yam.

Yam trembled with rage. She tried her best to escape from the reporters and relaxed herself here, but it was brought up again. With a crack, she slapped her.

Suddenly, Cherry felt her face burning. She staggered and almost fell down to the ground.

Hester held her and looked at her with concern. "Cherry, are you okay?"

Cherry pushed her away, picked up a bottle and rushed at Yam.

However, the bottle did not work. She was pressed to the ground by the underlings brought by Yam, punched and kicked.

The people from the club heard the noise and came. Yam turned around and shouted, "Archer, mind your own business!"

The Ning family and the boss of the clubhouse were friends. Yam often came here for playing. The man knew her identity, and he did not dare to provoke her.

Cherry was slapped many times by several women. Her cheeks were swollen like a dumpling. Hester hurriedly walked up to pull them away, but soon like Cherry, she became a trapped beast who was unable to escape.

The club was in chaos. The customers consciously retreated from the battlefield to both sides.

Yam cast an angry glance at her companions and shouted, "What are you waiting for? Take these two bitches to a private roo

d fish. Without being focused, she indistinctly saw that Yam winked at the men who were itching to have a try. Before she could react, she was thrown on the wine table by two big hands.

A strong fear overwhelmed her. She grabbed a square cup and smashed it at the man's head instinctively. The broken glass pieces of broken glass pierced her palm. The man's head was stained with blood, which angered him even more.

"Bitch!" The man grabbed her hair, slammed her head onto the wine table, and then tore her clothes crazily.

"Go away! Don't touch me! " Hester howled hysterically. With her hands waving, the wine glasses scattered all over the ground.

Bang! The door was kicked open, and a handsome figure rushed in.

"Mr. Aron!" When Cherry was fighting back, she seemed to see a glimmer of hope and became vigorous all of a sudden. She picked up a fruit knife from the wine table and waved it towards the man who assaulted her.

As soon as Yam sat down on the sofa and was about to watch the good show, she stood up. She saw a tall and strong figure slowly walking into the room behind Aron. She couldn't help but take a step back, with a large pressure on her chest, as if she was going to suffocate.

The man smiled like a spring, gentle and elegant. He walked toward her gracefully and said, "Yam, I haven't seen you for a few days. You are more and more impressing me."

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