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   Chapter 58 You can share everything, except men!

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Cherry lived alone. She had a duplex apartment in the high end community in the center of the city. The decoration and arrangement were in the style of Lolita, which was like walking into a dream world.

When Cherry came out of the parking lot, she was dressed in the beach style, which shocked the security guard. The first thing she did after returning home was to change clothes.

Hester was surprised at Cherry's boldness, but at the same time, she was a little envy at her courage as she could be so straightforward and forthright.

After she changed her clothes, Cherry found another dress that could match with Hester's petite figure and gave it to her. Hester's hospital gown made her feel like her home was a hospital.

After a while, Hester changed her clothes and walked downstairs. When she looked at Hester up and down, she was very satisfied. "Mm, my taste is very good."

She did not praise Hester, but her own taste. Hester realized that she was a forthright woman, and a little bit of narcissism.

Cherry gave her a bottle of water from the fridge. Hester was stunned. She had drunk a limited edition Evian water.

Hester was a little confused. Even the water she drank was limited edition, her quality of life was too delicate.

"Cherry, your house is big and beautiful." In fact, Terence's villa was much larger than her home. Hester was curious about her new friend, so she tried to make conversation.

"It's not me who bought the house. There's nothing to be envious of. I'm just a rich second generation who do nothing and make no achievement. " Cherry smiled. She seemed very satisfied with her position and squinted at Hester. "What about you?"

Hester bowed her head in despair. It was the first time that she discovered that she was not able to give herself a clear definition of her identity. Was she a housewife? Not even enough. Because Terence didn't admit it at all and even treated her as a servant.

Without asking anything, Cherry guessed that she might have some difficulties. She patted Hester's thin shoulder and said, "It's Okay, Hester. If you run into any difficulties in the future, I'll protect you!"

"Thank you, Cherry." Hester looked at her with gratitude. After the small conversation on the way

nce, like a dirty and useless rubbish. She dared not blame Terence. She could only vent all her hatred on Hester, which would make her feel better.

Otherwise, how useless her life would be!

Several scantily clad women also came up, along with a few men. But it was inappropriate for them to intervene in the war between women, so they stood a little far away.

Cherry was very calm. She didn't even look at Yam, but looked at Hester and asked, "Why did she call you deaf? Can't you hear me? "

Hester nodded at Cherry.

Looking at Cherry and Hester, which looked like they had not been acquainted with each other for a long time, Yam walked over to Cherry and said arrogantly, "This is an enmity between me and this disabled woman. Move aside!"

"It's a pity that you came too late. Since she and I have become sisters just now, her business is my business." Then Cherry glanced around and made a phone call.

Of course, Yam wouldn't let her call for help. She knew who was behind Hester. She snatched away Cherry's phone and smashed it to the ground. Stamped it violently with her high heels.

The phone was smashed into pieces.

There were many people by Yam's side present, and Hester was a little scared. She regretted coming with Cherry tonight. But after all, it was a personal feud between her and Yam, and she didn't want Cherry to be involved in.

"Cherry, you go first!" There was always an indomitable stubbornness in her body, but she was gentle and didn't easily break out.

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