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   Chapter 57 Terence had changed!

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"Mr. Aron, who is this woman?" Cherry pouted in displeasure and glanced at Hester again.

"She is my friend. You take her home first." Then, Aron shut the car door. He couldn't leave right now, for he had to stay here to wait for Terence.

Cherry was staring at Hester, which made her a little uneasy. She wondered why this woman was so picky about her when they met for the first time.

When she saw Cherry sitting in Aron's car in her bikini, she seemed to understand something. She smiled. "I'm Hester, what's your name please?"

"I'm Cherry, Mr. Aron's girlfriend. Are you his girlfriend too?" Her tone was full of hostility. Cherry had been staring at Hester, who was terrified by her gaze.

Hester was convinced that Cherry had mistaken her. She knew Aron through the introduction of Terence, so she had not met him often. She was not familiar with Aron's chaotic and dissipated private life, but felt that the word 'too' was very strange.

She shook her hand, "I'm not Mr. Aron's girlfriend."

"Really?" She looked at Hester in disbelief. When she saw Hester was in a hospital gown, she felt more inexplicable.

Hester nodded, her expression was innocent and sincere.

Cherry had been staring at Hester for a long time. Not until she couldn't find any evidence from her expression did she turn around. If Hester was his girlfriend, she should have been arrogant to claim her ownership in front of her, not in such a state like now.

When the car started slowly, Cherry turned back and looked at her. "Miss. Hester, if you are not Mr. Aron's girlfriend, we are friends, and we can even become sisters. If you are Mr. Aron's girlfriend, we are enemies, we can't share the same world. Do you understand?"

"I'm really not Mr. Aron's girlfriend." Hester anxiously explained. She could choose not to explain anything else, but she could not explain this kind of thing. Her heart was always loyal to Terence. She would not allow anyone to misunderstand her.

"Yes, I will make friends with you temporarily."


Hester muttered

esides, he never saw Terence get involved in a woman's business.

Terence had changed!

Aron was more and more curious about Hester right now. What kind of plant was it that could make a mountain which hadn't melted for a thousand years erupt like a volcano?

A cold flame was burning in his eyes. A tall and straight figure was approaching Mike step by step. The sound of the tone of death sounded dull. With his eyes as sharp as blades, Terence stabbed at the groaning Mike lying on the ground one by one.

"Your mother is a mistress, and you are a mistress as well. It's so tradition that two people share the same love." Without concealing his disgust and contempt, Terence stood in front of Mike, like a supreme king, overlooking the humble life that was served by him.

"I don't allow you to mention my mother!" With an inexplicable strong force, Mike jumped up and rushed at him ferociously like a beast.

Aron turned around to stop him and Terence avoided his attack. He said coldly, "Aron, inform the reconnaissance team."

Mike was as weak and limp as mud. His secret operation had caused great losses to Qi group. Besides, Terence had already got all the evidence, when the reconnaissance team arrived, it wouldn't even necessary to investigate.

"You deserve it." After casting a cold glance at his pale face, Terence turned around and strode away.

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