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   Chapter 56 I don't believe you

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"Mr. Aron!" Hester shouted with fear when she saw the Aron, nearly falling down from the balcony fence.

Aron stood up from the vine chair, caught her hand and pulled her into his arms gently.

Hester did not have an expensive fragrance on her body, but there was a natural fragrance that stimulated Aron's strong physiological characteristics. This fragrance seemed to be more pleasant than that of a virgin.

As a man flirting many women before, his nose was vibrated. After a deep breath, Aron took a deep breath and said, "That's great!"

Unfortunately, she is Terence's woman, so he cannot get a further understanding of her.

Hester was scared by what Aron had done. He looked like a lascivious man before, and in fact, he was indeed a lascivious man, but he was not that kind of lascivious man.

Aron suddenly sensed that Hester was not like any of the girls he knew. His frivolous manner might cause her discomfort, or even disgust. He quickly revealed a gentle smile and said, "Miss Hester, don't be afraid. I am not a bad person. We have seen it before."

Hester took a step back and looked at the back of him cautiously behind him, Aron was Terence's best friend. She was afraid that Terence would be with him as he suddenly appeared.

Looking her view, Aron looked behind him and found that nobody was there. He turned around and looked at Hester in confusion. "Miss Hester, what's wrong with you?"

"Terence... Didn't he come? "

"He'll be here soon. Let me take you to wait for him." Aron stretched out his hand and took her naturally.

Hester retreated under his arm in a hurry and fled from the hotel room.

Confused, Aron tried to recall his face. 'Does he look like a bad guy?

Hester pressed the button at once when she got into the elevator. With the door slowly closed, Hester's body was lifted up, and the elevator began to fall.

Flustered, she rushed out of

it. Everything was within his reach, except that he had never gotten a truelove.

He had been looking at Hester with the most sincerity in his life, but she still couldn't completely believe him. 'He was the man of Terence, and now he was on the opposite side against her. Men's friendship was much stronger than women's. He wouldn't change easily.'

Without giving her a chance to hesitate, Aron bent slightly, and put his big hand around her knees. He easily lifted her delicate body up.

Hester only felt that her body was lifted and cried in panic, "Let me go!" In a moment of desperation, she patted on Aron's chest.

"Now that you are driven into a corner, why don't you believe me?" With a smile at the corners of his mouth and a soft voice, he strode towards the parking lot with Hester in his arms.

What Aron said stopped Hester from patting him. That's right! If Aron took her to see Terence, she would not be able to escape at all. She gradually calmed down and decided to condescend to meet Aron and see what would happen.

At that time, Cherry was sitting in the black G-grade car of Aron, sullenly waiting for the favor of him. Then the back door opened, and a petite woman was carried in by Aron.

She stared at Hester with hostility suddenly.

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