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   Chapter 55 Are You Lonely Recently

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When Mike directly hung up the phone, he enraged Terence even more. 'No one dared to hang up on him. Mike, you are doomed!'

While the man was roaring in his heart, he made a call to Aron. He didn't have the high-end tracking software of Aron, and neither did he use it.

However, Aron's phone was not answered.

For the first time, Terence felt burning inside. He had never felt this way even when his company was in the most difficult time.

At this moment, Aron was playing beach play with several tall, beautiful women. He was in a good mood with sweat all over his face. If Terence saw the amorous scene, he wouldn't mind burying his best friend on the beach.

"Mr. Aron, I'm tired." Beside him was a hot girl in a fluorescent bikini.

"Cherry, are you tired?" Aron stretched out a slender finger to tease her chin, and naturally held her slender waist. "If you are tired, wait for me in the car."

"No, I want you to accompany me." Women are good at acting coquettishly, and those who act like spoiled women are always luckier.

"Cherry, you have been lonely lately!"

"You are too bad!"

Her sweet and soft voice came to his ears, which sounded like a song. After giving her a seductive look, Aron held her in his arms, which made the other women jealous.

Aron carried Cherry to the parking lot of Beach Hotel. The woman, like a water snake, came over, her fingers slender, touching the sensitive parts of the man's naked upper body.

He put down his seat and was about to enjoy the woman's service in a relaxed posture when a red Porsche 911 stopped beside him.

The license plate looked familiar, and he was trying his best to recall it. Then he saw Mike get off the Porsche supporting Hester. She looked a little dizzy, as if she had just woken up.

"Mike, why do I fall asleep?" Hester shook her head in confusion.

Mike smiled kindly, stroking her fair skinned face and said, "You must be very tired, Hester. You can take a break in the hotel. I'

hat Aron had many girlfriends, she was sure that it would be better to decrease one.

When Aron looked back and glared at her, Cherry subconsciously zipped her mouth.

"Don't follow me. Buy a cucumber. Go to the car and comfort yourself."

"Shut up!"

Cherry pouted. Unwillingly as she was, she walked away in obedience. Although Mr. Aron was mild, men would never like troublesome women.

Opening the door of their room, Aron crept into it secretly. Without seeing Mike, he guessed he had left. Hester's thin figure was standing at the balcony, blowing the sea wind across the room.

She remained motionless, like a quiet, exquisite object.

He suddenly wondered what was special about the woman who could make Terence nervous?

"Miss Hester!" Aron walked towards Hester silently, and said abruptly.

Hester did not respond. All of a sudden, Aron realized that she could not hear it.

So he took a vine rocking chair and sat beside her, with his hands behind his head, leisurely staring at the woman who was meditating in the bar.

She frowned and lowered her head, as if she was immersed in her own endless worries.

What was she thinking about? Aron suddenly had a desire to explore the woman's secret.

It was meaningless to study Terence and his woman, but for Aron, it was also interesting.

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