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   Chapter 54 I Must Take Her Away

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Updated: 2020-01-31 00:03

The smile on Mike's face dispelled Austin's vigilance. Besides, if Mike insisted on taking Hester to bath in the sun, he wouldn't stop him.

And it was said to be a kind of Hester. He could agree with things which are beneficial to her.

"Dr. Austin, a patient's family is looking for you." His assistant came to invite him.

"Please take care of Hester, thank you." Austin seemed to trust Mike very much, so after giving him a few instructions that needed to be paid attention to Hester's body, he left with his assistant.

Mike quickly left the hospital with Hester. After giving instructions to the patient's family who had just received an operation, his mind returned to Hester and felt that something was wrong with her a moment ago.

He was worried about her because she had always been weak.

However, after finding the whole hospital, he couldn't

see Hester. Until he asked the security, he knew that Hester was taken away by the man.

His heart jumped to his throat. Last time Hester was lost, and now she had disappeared under his watch again. Panicked, he hastened to find the dean.

"What?" When he heard Austin's report, the dean jumped to his feet. "She's missing again?"

"Don't get excited, dean. He is a friend of Hester, so she will be fine." As he pacified the dean, Austin also comforted himself.

"A friend? What friend? Has he registered? "

"He may not have registered,"

"Do you know who he is? What's his name? What's the relationship between him and the patient? Do you have any contact information? "

Hearing the dean's series of questions, Austin's face turned paler and paler. He did not ask about Mike's identity, but Hester was not rejected to him, so he naturally believed in Mike's words.

"Damn it. I can't be the director anymore!" The dean grabbed the document on the table and smashed it hard.

"Let me call Mr. Terence."

The dean stopped him hurriedly. "Dr. Austin, think twice. You know what kind of a person he is. If he knows that Hester was lost in our hospital again, you and I will end our career here."

"Do you think you can hide it from him if you don't tell him? We have to tell him th

could be worsen." The phone call from the Terence was through, and every word seemed to be sending forth a shiver.

"I won't let you hurt Hester anymore. I have to take her away!" Mike threw his wallet out. He had always yielded to his brother's oppression. However, this time, he was kicked out directly by his brother, and the company shares secretly transferred by him were under the control of the stock exchange company of the Lu family.

He had no more than Hester.

"Mike, how dare you?" Terence's charming eyes were full of ice and his hands on the steering wheel clenched tight.

"For Hester's sake, I will do anything," said Mike, with a smug smile, which he had never had in front of Terence.

"She is your sister-in-law now."

Mike was speechless for quite a while, as if he was suppressed to be a little breathless. He turned his head to look at Hester, who was sleeping soundly behind the seat of his car. She had just drunk a drink mixed with tranquilizer.

Maybe she was too tired that she fell asleep quickly. Her face was as pale as a piece of paper, as if it could be broken with a stab.

He felt pity for her. Growing up with Hester, he felt distressed to see her live under the cruel treatment of Terence, but there was nothing he could do. That was why he insisted on destroying Terence. Only by destroying him would he be able to protect Hester and be qualified to have her.

But he underestimated Terence.

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