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   Chapter 52 why should she like him

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With great efforts, Yam avoided the reporters and came to the villa of Terence. However, there are also many reporters in his villa, and she dare not get out of the car.

Their tryst with Alex had been exposed to the public. As her betrothed husband, Terence had shown up in front of the media before at their engagement ceremony. Therefore, the media wouldn't let him go.

After a long hesitation, she finally decided to call him. She was ready to face all the scolding from him, hoping that he would change his mind.

The phone was put through, and without saying a word, she started to cry. She hoped that the man would not be as stone hearted as she had imagined. As long as he still cared about her, she still had a chance.

She is one hundred times better than that disabled woman. Even if she made a little mistake occasionally, Terence would certainly forgive her.

"So you called me just to make me hear you cry?" A cold voice came through the phone. It was still cold.

"Terence, I'm in front of your villa. Can you come out now?"

"Do you think I would be so stupid to live in the villa and be surrounded by a group of reporters?" Standing in front of the big French window of the president's office, Terence overlooked the whole city at his feet.

"Where are you? I want to see you." Her voice was full of anxiety.

"You'd better disappear in front of me forever. I don't want you to be an eyesore to me." Terence frowned with disgust and said.

"Terence, I love you!"

"Your love is too dirty. I am a neat freak."

His cold and ruthless words overwhelmed Yam. She didn't believe that Terence would be so cruel hearted. "I have your baby. Come back to me for your baby, okay? No, let me come back to you, okay? "

"The reason why I pick up your phone call is to officially inform you. Yam, I don't mind getting your unborn baby back to its biological father. " After saying that, the man directly hung up the phone, without trying to make her stay. He didn't want to listen to

at Mike has done, he is your younger brother."

She was stubborn. Sometimes she even couldn't control herself. She knew she would irritate him, but she just didn't turn around.

Finally irritated completely, Terence ground his teeth and said, "It seems that you like Mike, for he has been flirting with you all the time."

"No, I don't like him. You are the only one in my heart." Hester shook her head at once. He would misunderstand her kindness, but if he thought she would love others, she couldn't accept it at all. She was so anxious that her tears were about to fall.

"A woman like you deserves to like me?" His cold eyes were full of contempt. Without looking back, he walked out of the ward.

Even it was just a look, he could hurt her easily. She had thought that after so many years of injury, her body had already been immune to it. But why was her heart still so painful?

Yes, she was just a disabled woman. She couldn't hear and speak clearly. She had neither social ability nor social experience. She even had no basic ability to flatter men. Why did she have the right to like him?

But, Terence, what can I do? I just like you, because I can't control my love for you!

When she had gradually acquired her female self-esteem, she was convinced that the words of Terence really hurt her, making her shed tears.

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