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   Chapter 51 Lowering oneself in love

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Austin moved himself into an armchair and sat at Hester's bed. Hester pressed his small cherry mouth and did not look at him.

She seemed to be averse to him. Looking at the weak but stubborn girl yesterday, Austin felt a little distressed. He stretched out his white, warm hand and rubbed her smooth hair, "Hester, you can rest assured that I will not persuade you to abort the child again."

"Really?" Hester opened her wide eyes and looked at Austin, who was standing beside her, with a warm smile on his face.

Austin nodded silently, looking helpless. He could do nothing about her stubbornness.

"Thank you, Dr. Austin." In fact, Hester knew that Austin was doing it for her sake. Ever since they met again, he had given her warmth. She was not iron hearted. How could she not feel it?

It was just that her parents only gave her one heart, and it had been already given another man.

"Don't say that, you silly." He continued to rub her hair with love, "I should thank God for letting you come back safely."

"Dr. Austin, will the baby be all right?"

"I'm here. I'll do my best." He had made up his mind to tie up his career and Hester's safety. It was like a promise that was said firmly.

Hester smiled sweetly. "You are indeed my good brother."

Austin was grieved, this girl was much smarter than he thought. She knew his feeling for her, so she just took him as her brother.

But it didn't hurt his dignity.

Austin wanted to secondary, he lightly asked, "Since I am your brother, why do you still call me Dr. Austin?" Hester suddenly changed his title, he has been bitter about it, it made him at a loss.

Hester's small face betrayed a trace of awkwardness. She did not want to hurt Austin, so she could not tell him that these were the order of Terence.

After all, she didn't want to see him get hurt.

But she couldn't lie to him. She couldn't bear it, nor did she want to. She thought he should have known it with his cleverness.

Hester was silent, and Austin sighed silently, feeling depressed.

After a short while, they were attracted by

nd help us to move on. But now, you've made such a mess. I'm so humiliated. "

"Dad, it was Terence who designed all these for me."

"Design? Did he force you to sleep with someone else? Who will believe that if anyone else knows it? "

Yes, she deserved it. Yam was speechless about the whole thing. She shouldn't have trusted Alex.

But she was unwilling to be kicked out of the game before she had won nothing. For so many years, she had been doing so much for Terence. She gritted her teeth with hands on her belly, "I have Terence's baby. This is my only bargaining chip."

Nelson looked at her still flat abdomen. Squinting, he asked in a deep voice, "What do you want to do?"

"A shotgun marriage."

Hearing her innocent words, Nelson laughed and said, "What kind of person is Terence? Now you are in a situation where your reputation is ruined. He won't marry you even if you give him a lot of children. Otherwise, he will certainly become a laughing stock of all the celebrities. "

"The board meeting will be held at the end of this year. Terence is in danger of being shuffled. We can help him with the stock." She stared at her father's gloomy face and begged, "Father, please."

"Things are different now. We are at a disadvantage. Let me think about it." Nelson doesn't want to make such a rash decision. As a businessman, he had to weigh the benefits of this competition.

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