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   Chapter 49 Terence, I'm sorry

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Aron had not expected Hester to save Terence at this time. Her petite and soft body was like a sky cannon, rushing quickly towards Alex, as if she was carrying fire.

Terence was a little surprised and didn't realize what the stupid woman wanted to do. Her weak body had hit Alex.

Alex instinctively drew his sword towards her, Hester blocking him in front of Terence.

A thin anger could be seen faintly between Terence's eyebrows. He finally understood what Hester was trying to do. How would he allow a woman to stand in front of him?

This stupid woman would ruin his plan of borrowing a knife to murder!

Originally, it was as easy as pinching an ant to destroy Alex. However, based on the domestic environment, it would take him some time to clear up the mess. At the moment, he was in a lot of trouble. He wouldn't waste his time on such a small role like Alex. If he was shot dead by the police, then all troubles would be gone.

This was better than exiling him, and dead people wouldn't bring him any trouble.

"Fuck off!" Grabbing Hester's neck, Terence threw her behind easily, like carrying a chicken.

But when he turned his head, he saw that Hester's right arm had been slashed open by Alex's dissecting knife. Blood was dripping and dyed red the white and blue stripes.

The plastic tape on her mouth had not been torn apart. She felt pain, but she could not make a sound.

All of a sudden, the policemen came to their senses and rushed over

Alex didn't want to be caught, so he rushed to Terence and the sharp knife twinkled in his hand.

The red blood of Hester's arm deeply pierced into Terence's eyes. His handsome face was like an iron and filled with an evil spirit, but he did not move. The sharp blade pierced into his heart.

The policeman was so far away from them as Alex was so agitated when taking the hostage that he shouted to the policemen to step back. They didn't have time to stop the attack from Alex when he was about to attack Terence.

Terence didn't dodge. It seemed that he didn't realize what he was doing.

Before the police came here, Calvin requested them to ensure the safety of Terence. If Qi gr

covered in a glorious color with the soft rose red morning sunlight.

"Terence." She gently called the man's name.

When he turned around, the man's face was still cold, and he said coldly with anger, "Who allows you to run around outside the ward?"

"I'm sorry." She pursed her lips and spoke haltingly.

"Are you an idiot? Why didn't you leave a name when you text from a strange number? " When thinking of that, Terence was furious. He didn't misjudge her. She was totally a silly woman.

If he hadn't been so careful and quick to react in time, Alex might have cut open her belly.

Hester was secretly upset. She was really stupid. After being deaf, she was almost staying at home. She lacked social experience. How could she not expect to indicate her identity on the text message?

'No wonder Terence didn't text me back, he didn't know that it's me asked him for help at all.' thought Hester.

He was not entirely ignoring her.

Hester thought with a warm smile.

"What are you laughing at?" The man seemed to be stung by something, and out of the corner of his eyes, he glanced at her sharply. His thin lips were filled with anger.

Smile? How could she smile now?

He wanted to open her head to see what was in it.

Hester shook her head in a panic. "No, I'm not." Her expression was as lovely as an elk.

However, Terence hated her inadvertently acting cute, as if her doing was setting a deep trap for him.

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