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   Chapter 48 don't force me to kill you

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When the car arrived at the teaching building, Terence found that there was a black shine s-grade Maybach car not far away. With the help of the orange street lamp, Terence recognized that it was a private car of the Ning family.

There was a trace of coldness in Terence's dark eyes. But he didn't say anything. The most important thing at present was to save Hester. He would slowly remove the Ning family when he spared time.

In the rearview mirror, Yam saw an Aston Martin car. There were only a few such high-grade cars in the country, within five. As far as she knew, in city A, only Terence owned one.

However, she didn't expect that three police cars were coming towards them. In a panic, she said, "Uncle Jack, let's go!"

Uncle Jack started the engine immediately and Yam took out her phone in a hurry.

When Alex was about to give Hester an anesthetic, he received a call from Yam. "Alex, now that Terence is here, you'd better stay away from him." she said.

Alex's body was stiff as if he had been thrown into an ice cellar. It was so cold that every bone in his body felt chilly. The cold sweat on his forehead came out unconsciously and flowed to his eyes. The salty wet irritated his pupils.

He grabbed a large scalpel, lifted Hester from the operating table. Hester ran away from the lab in a hurry.

He knew he wouldn't stay here, so he pressed the elevator and pushed Hester in.

In an instant, they arrived at the top of the building. Hester's limbs were tied, and her mouth was sealed. She could not escape nor make a sound. Furthermore, she did not understand why Alex had suddenly given up the surgery and brought her to the roof.

Her slender and well-proportioned ankles were tied by a plastic belt, and she couldn't move at all. Although Alex dragged her roughly, he seemed to feel that it was troublesome, as he would waste a lot of his strength and time. At the same time, he cut the plastic belt with the scalpel, which helped her to free her feet.

There were some sun facing plants on the rooftop and a small storeroom, but it was locked. Alex kicked it with his full strength. Unfortunately, the door was not kicked open with a huge sound, which drew the policemen who were searching the floor.

Panicked, Alex was on the verge of a dead end. With a shar

kill Terence?

He wouldn't be that stupid to be Aron's executioner and then made himself guilty.

But it's a good idea to kidnap Terence. Only by holding his life in my hands can we negotiate directly.

"Okay, come here." Said Alex, fixing his eyes on Terence.

Hester's mouth was sealed with a plastic tape, so she could only shake her head at Terence. She didn't want him to suffer any danger for her.

Raising both of his hands to show that he was not threatening him. With a cold expression on his face, Terence walked to Alex step by step.

Aron also slowly approached and reached his hand at Hester. "Dr. Alex, calm down, calm down." And he winked at Alex to hint him to take Terence hostage as soon as possible.

Terence stood on the other side of Alex. Alex couldn't control two people with a dissect knife, he gave up Hester and jumped at Terence quickly.

Aron grabbed Hester to his side in a hurry. At the same time, Terence was nimble enough to grab Alex's wrist. He would have a chance to knock him down, but he was unwilling to give up so easily. He wanted a chance to let him be shot by the police.

No one had ever dared to challenge his authority like Alex, and he faintly felt that he didn't want that stupid woman to be wronged for no reason. It seemed to be related to his dignity.

However, Hester did not know their thoughts. Seeing that Terence and Alex were in a stalemate, before Aron could tear off the plastic belt on her mouth, her thin body rushed towards Alex, as if it was full of energy.

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