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   Chapter 47 My First Love

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Under strong force, Hester was forced to lie on the operating table. She couldn't resist Alex at all.

With an anaesthetic needle in his hand, Alex's face twitched with embarrassment. He said in a hoarse voice, "Don't be afraid, Miss Hester. I'll abort your child after the anaesthetic."

"Are you going to abort my child?" Hester's voice was filled with fear. She couldn't understand why there were so many people who wanted to kill her child, since he hadn't made any mistakes in the world in the future.

"Of course, I will also extract child's DNA sample for tests, which is what Terence wants the most. Although the DNA chain he extracted now is not complete, as long as the technology is back, it will take more time to extract ninety percent of the similarity." A sense of complacency was shown on Alex's ferocious face. He was more thoughtful than Yam.

He was not clear and couldn't figure it out how Hester was important in Terence's heart. But the DNA sample, which Terence had been longing for, was related to 15% of the shares.

Alex held her hand and put the tranquilizer needle.

Hester's face was pale at the thought that her baby was dying. No, she couldn't lose her baby.

She forced herself to calm down. Panic and trepidation did not help at all. She suddenly thought of Terence, the man who was able to be calm no matter what difficulties he encountered.

To Alex's surprise, a sudden force reached him and kicked his crotch hard.

Hester had almost exerted all her strength. Crying, Alex dropped the anesthetic needle and pressed his crotch with his hand. He looked terrible, extremely painful.

Labor pains were the highest grade for women, but for men, the labor pains were 160 times more than that of men.

Although his penis was not hurt, it was the most fragile part of a man. Hester's kick was enough to give him a painful death, and the pain was killing him.

Hester was panicked and stumbled towards the exit. It was a high-level medical lab. The anti-theft equ

e kept silent. He didn't know whether he was feeling Hester or he knew Alex so much?

Hester had been living by his side since she was deaf. Unconsciously, she had become an indispensable part of his life.

But it annoyed him again. This damned woman kept locking him by his mother's will. He hated her very much.

"Call the police!" Solemnly speaking to Aron, Terence stepped hard on the accelerator, speeding up.

"It's enough to have both of us here. Don't be so afraid, okay? Don't forget that I was trained in the military base. "

The Lu family was of American ancestry. According to the local tradition, every boy's biggest dream since childhood was to be able to participate in the baptism of military base, which could make him a real man.

But not everyone has the chance.

So Aron was very proud of his own experience. Depending on this, girls like him very much, especially foreign women.

"You were trained in the military base in the United States. Does that mean you can kill people in the country?" Terence's eyes narrowed slightly, and a thin cold light went through the windshield, sharply scratching the vast night sky.

"Murder?" A chill came out of Aron's spine. He knew that Terence had always been ruthless in doing things, and Alex absolutely deserved to die. This time he completely offended Terence.

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