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   Chapter 46 who do you think you are, will Terence care about you

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 7448

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Chief Calvin had already ordered all the branches in city A to look for Hester. However, two hours had passed and there was still no result.

In the director's office, with a stern look on Terence's face, the director was silent and scared by a whiff of death. He only prayed to the God that Hester was safe, or he wouldn't be able to continue his career.

Aron just robbed all the superior coffee collected by the director of the hospital, which had been ground into powder. Then he began to make coffee slowly beside the cafe. He was born to be an optimist, so even if the sky fell, he could also not care about it.

Not to mention that they had sent out all the people they could. Even Austin went out to look for Hester due to guilt.

They could do nothing but wait.

Aron poured out two cups of coffee from the mocha pot and one of them handed to Terence.

Taking the coffee, Terence was not in the mood to drink. He clasped his slender fingers tightly against the ear of the cup, as if to break it. He concealed his anger, like a well prepared volcano.

He didn't like anything out of his control, especially the women who run about everywhere, especially made him angry.

Taking a sip of the delicious coffee, Aron said lazily, "Mr. Terence, I've never seen you so worried about a woman. Are you serious this time? "

Obviously, his words gave a shudder to Terence's heart. Yes, did he care too much about this woman?

Terence's handsome face sank, as deep as a pool of water. The two eyes were like unsheathed swords, sharp and ruthless. He said in a calm voice, "I am worried about the baby in her belly. After all, you know what the baby means to me. And that woman is just a machine that can give birth to babies. "

"Okay!" Aron knew his best friend, so he didn't expose him. He bowed his head with a smile and sipped his coffee.

His smile annoyed Terence, "Aren't you good at finding someone? What else can you do? "

"It's the information age. She even has no cell phone and I can't locate her. How can I find her?" Aron put down the coffee and sat on the sofa in a comfortable position, and said leisurely, "Think about where she would normally go. You can't look for her like a hea

or the door.

"Dr. Alex, are you... Didn't you say that you would take me to look for Terence? " Hester's delicate body could not help trembling under the huge danger.

"Terence has always said that you are a silly woman. As expected, you are so stupid." "Terence is going to kill me. He has restrained my whole family. How can I sit still and wait?"

Although Terence had always thought Hester was a stupid woman, she was only stupid when it came to his matter. It was the fate of all women. As long as they fell in love with a man, their IQ would be dropped to zero.

Hester would not be prevented from it.

However, she was clear about other things. The moment she was brought into the car by Alex, she knew he had some plans. But she, a delicate woman, was not able to resist at all.

She knew that Alex was using her as a bargaining chip to threaten Terence.

"Dr. Alex, please listen to me." Hester breathed a sigh of relief and forced herself to calm down. She tried to negotiate with him. "If you let me go, I promise that I will persuade Terence to let your family go."

As if he had heard the most ridiculous joke in the world, Alex burst into laughter. "Who do you think you are? Will Terence really care about you? What he cares about is the baby in your belly, because it can exchange for huge benefits for him. This is my biggest bargaining chip."

Hester was stunned. How could the baby be related to the interests of Terence? She couldn't understand.

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