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   Chapter 45 If you really love me, prove it to me

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"All right, all right. It's not the right time to get mad. We should find out the person first." Aron stepped forward to separate Terence and Austin.

Trying to suppress his anger, Terence asked the director of the hospital in a cold voice, "Have you called the police?"

The director said, "It has been missing for less than 48 hours. It should not be recorded now."

Terence took out his cell phone and called the municipal police station's chief, "Chief Calvin Chen, I need your help."

Calvin was just going to say a few words when Terence already started to talk to him coldly. The tone of his voice seemed to give him orders, which made Calvin somewhat unhappy.

But Calvin Chen knew well about the power of Qi group. Besides, he had something on Terence, so he had to swallow the insult from him.

As soon as Terence hung up the phone, a message popped up. He read, "I get lost."

It was a strange number, so Terence ignored it. He guessed that no one around him dared to send him this kind of message.

Hester borrowed the cellphone of the old man in the pavilion to send a message. Then she stood at the entrance of the pavilion with full expectation, waiting for the reply from Terence. As time passed, her mood became more and more nervous, and eventually it all turned into disappointment.

'Is he busy now?' She thought.

"Thank you, Grandpa." She returned the phone to melody.

Seeing that she hadn't replied to her message for a long time, he was kind-hearted and invited her to send another one. Hester refused with a smile.

In fact, she was afraid that if she sent another message to him, he would still ignore it. Then she would be more disappointed.

She didn't want to be disappointed at Terence, even if not at all. She wanted the future of her and Terence to be full of hope.

Leaving the old man, Hester continued to move forward. A white 5-series BMW stopped by her side. Alex extended his head and asked in astonishment, "Miss. Hester, why are you here?"

"Dr. Alex, it's so nice to meet


"Okay, I promise you." Without any hesitation, Alex clutched the phone near his ear tightly. Obviously, he was cornered by Terence when he was allocated to Rio Island.

Yam was right. Hester was his only bargaining chip now.

Terence is a man of action. He has kept his family under control since he found out his betrayal.

He must use Hester to threaten Terence. He had to take Hester to ensure the safety of his family and send them out of Terence's place. Then he would find a way to take Yam far away.

Having made up his mind, he sat at the driver's seat and smiled at Hester. "Hester, I called Terence just now and said that you were by my side. Mr. Terence told me to take you to my home and have a rest for a while. He will send someone to pick you up soon. "

Hester wondered, 'Why was he answering the phone instead of making a call?'

What's more, why did Terence ask her to go to Dr. Alex's home?

Yes, she had few contacts with people because of her disability. But she was more sensitive than ordinary people because of her disability.

Due to the fragrance and hickeys on his body, Hester naturally linked him to Yam.

"Dr. Alex, my stomach hurts. I want to go to the bathroom." Hester pleaded, covering her stomach.

"My apartment is just a few blocks away. Hang in there." He stepped on the gas and the car sped away.

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