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   Chapter 43 Yam, we are not over yet

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Updated: 2020-01-28 00:33

Alex was as greedy as a wolf. He wanted to ask for more from the beautiful body in his arms, but Yam was always clear minded. What she wanted was the record from his mobile phone.

"Alex, I give myself to you. Can you delete the record?" She bent over to get his phone.

Alex was keenly aware of her action, but he did not stop her. He sneered, "You can't open the mobile phone without my fingerprints."

"Alex," Yam shook Alex like a spoiled child, "Don't you love me anymore?"

"Of course I do!" With his arms around her white neck, he bit her red lips hard. "I love you to the bone. Do you know how painful I feel every time I see you get in and out of Mr. Terence's room?"

"Since you love me, why do you keep the record?"

"Because I need you to love me too."

"I love you, really." Afraid that he might not believe her, Yam kissed his face, his jaw, his neck, and his chest, leaving a faint trace of lips, like a blooming peach blossom.

He had seen through her mind, but at least her body was real.

He was not a shrewd business man, but at least he was a man with strong desire. Since the recording could be traded for Yam's love, why not change a few more times?

"Since you love me, you can keep the record with me. Don't worry. I won't give anybody the record." Just then, Alex caressed the woman's charming face and pressed on her body hard.

This woman used to be the woman of Terence. In his mind, he imagined himself to be another Terence, a man that needed to be looked up at, as dazzling as the sun, and the man that he would never be able to match in his whole life.

But at least now he was, like Terence, in love with a woman. Even if it was just a brief moment of enjoyment, he would not waste his energy to ask for her.

Because sex was always short, and fear was still lingering in his mind. The only diversion he could do now was making sex with this woman.

At this moment, Yam's mobile phone rang. She gently put her hand to stop him. "I have to answer the phone."

Alex released her, still savoring the kiss.

With the phone in her hand, Yam walked to the window. "Father, what can I do for you?"

Alex poured a glass

saw the caller ID, Mr. Terence.

With a gray face, Alex picked up the phone with trepidation, "Hello, Mr. Terence."

"Dr. Alex, did you have a good time?"

Terence sounded like an old friend, which made Alex more worried.

He had served with Terence for many years, so he was clear about the changes in his personality. If he could talk with a person nicely, that meant that this person will die.

After getting rid of the sweat on his forehead, Alex said in a trembling voice, "Mr. Terence, I'm sorry. I know I was wrong, and I won't do that again."

"No, you are right. Once the matter between you and Yam is reported to the public, I will be able to take the opportunity to cancel my marriage with her, and the Ning family will be ruined. Should I thank you? "

A cool wave went through Alex. Until then, he stiffly forced a smile.

Terence's voice sounded like cold water that had just melted in the early spring, coming through the other end of the phone, "After such a thing happened, the people of the Ning family must be trying to kill you now. For your safety, I've booked an air ticket for you. You should go to Rio Island for temporary relief. I'll take care of your family."

In Rio Island?

The island is probably the most barren in the world. It is said to be a sea of wilderness and it is full of danger. Any carelessness might kill him.

Alex's whole body slid down the wall slowly as if he was sucked in the ribs.

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