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   Chapter 42 don't you always want me

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Austin continues to persuade painstakingly that Hester wouldn't listen to anything. There was only one thought in her mind that she would give birth to her child even if she had to die, because it was the mark that she and Terence had loved each other before.

She could not see the clear image of Terence's love for her. It was like a layer of heavy mist, uncertain. Only the child in her belly could let her clearly feel that Terence had loved her. He had planted a seed of love in her body.

"Doctor Austin, stop talking!" Hester covered her ears and ran down the bed.

She fled from the ward like a panic stricken rabbit.

'I was too impatient. How could she bear such a blow?' Austin blamed himself inside.

He chased out in a hurry, and happened to see a nurse rushing over in a hurry. "Doctor Austin, something's wrong. The patient in ward 3 is getting worse. You'd better hurry up!"

Hester had disappeared at the end of the hallway. He was worried about her. But as a doctor, he couldn't give up any other patients.

Austin didn't know what to do. The nurse had urged him to go to No.3 ward.

As the night fell, Hester walked aimlessly on the street where people passed by. What was different was that her world was quiet and the noisy scene did not bring her any noise.

The lights from different places of the city stung her eyes. Helplessness, panic... It was like a chaotic era in which she had no idea where to escape.

Her only belief was to find Terence. However, she had so little opportunity to go out that she didn't know the complicated path of city A.

She stroked her belly and muttered to herself. A small group of rapid and flustered footsteps came through. With a little hesitation on her pale face, the people around her p

unjust. Don't you want evidence? "

Alex laughed coldly. Then he took out his phone and said, "Yes, I do like you, but I know you don't like me. I'm an adult, not a fool. If I have to take any risks to go against Mr. Terence, how much risk did I have to take? Would I have left nothing?"

Then, he played the audio recording on his phone. In an instant, Yam's fair face suddenly turned pale.

On that day, she had requested him to abort Hester's child. Although she didn't say it, anyone with a little intelligence would understand her intention.

"Alex, don't you like me? You won't hurt me, will you? " Yam puckered up her red lips, coquettish and aggrieved.

She threw herself into the man's arms and sobbed, "Alex, I'm so scared. Don't do that to me, okay?" No one could escape from her control except a man with a heart as hard as Terence.

Alex's heart twitched. He loved this woman. He was sure about this. Right now, Yam was in his arms, and he had never felt his heart so close to her.

He hesitated.

Yam was more than coquettish. As her fingers touched his chest, she giggled like a child. The charming smile began to explode gradually in Alex's eyes...

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