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   Chapter 41 please let go of my child

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"Hester, please listen to my explanation." Austin strode forward and looked at the girl uneasily.

With a sneer on his thin lips, Terence rolled his eyes and asked, "You want an explanation?"

Austin's chest seemed to have been hit by a heavy fist. It hurt and he had some weakness, as if there was a sullen breath in his cavity.

He was an outsider all the time. It seemed that he was not qualified to be a doctor who would be able to meddle in other people's family affairs fair and square.

However, he couldn't bear to watch Hester suffer any grievance. It had been like this when he was a child.

After reuniting with Hester, he had imagined more than once that if he hadn't gone abroad, would he be able to continue to protect his girl, holding her in his hands and bathing in the best sunlight.

Watching Terence Qi pulling Hester away almost rudely, Austin's heart suddenly sank, as if falling into a bottomless abyss, and going to a place he did not know.

In the ward, Terence threw Hester onto the bed and pressed her down.

Hester's heart was racing. And the man's warm breath fell on her face. His sharp and insidious eyes were like an eagle. He said slowly, "Hester, you are not allowed to call him brother Austin from now on."

Hester nodded in fear, obediently like a cat.

The atmosphere froze. It was after a long time that she said weakly, "Terence, are you... Are you jealous? " She had always been worrying about gain and loss, afraid of bringing him the slightest bit of uncomfortableness.

With a straight face and a dark expression, he squinted his eyes with fatal danger.

Be jealous?

How could such a strange thought exist on him?

Was I too good to her that she could do whatever she wanted? How could she be so confident?

He seemed to be full of hatred. His big hands were close to her white and slender neck, and forcefully strangled her to the bed. He opened his mouth single. The cold voice slowly rubbed her ears. "Listen, there is no woman in this world who can make me jealous."

Hester was grasped so hard that

e sooner, the better. He took the courage, "You must abort this child, or it will consume too much of the mother's energy. You can't make it now."

Hester seemed to understand that it was not Terence who wanted to take the child, but Austin wanted to abort it, so he turned to Terence for advice.

She had misunderstood Terence. No wonder he was so angry.

"Hester, you are too weak now. You can't keep this baby. It's very likely for you to miscarry." Austin approached the bed, trying to persuade Hester.

Hester panicked to hide herself in the corner of the bed and looked at Austin in horror, as if he was a ruthless and inhuman executioner.

"No! No! Please! Please let go of my baby!" She was like a frightened little beast, tightly grabbing the corner of the quilt with her fair and slim fingers.

Austin realized that he had terrified Hester. Although he knew she was born with toughness, he was worried about her safety.

He tried to speak in a soft tone as much as possible and tried to persuade her, "You will have a baby again in the future. After you take care of yourself, you can still be pregnant again."

"No, I won't listen to you." Hester covered her ears with her hands, and shook her head like an alarm. She only knew that she wanted to protect the child, who was the child of herself and Terence.

The same as her, Terence also loved their children.

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