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   Chapter 40 She Must Have An Abortion

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6875

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Terence was caught off guard. He staggered even though he was tall.

All of a sudden, a ball of cold light was formed in his charming eyes. However, when he saw the nervous look at Hester, his mouth naturally curved into a deep arc and he looked at Austin contemptuously.

In the battle between men, he never flinched. But this time he decided not to step in, because no matter what, Austin would definitely lose.

"I want to have a talk with you," said Austin with a desolate look

"Who do you think you are?" Terence raised his eyebrows and just cast a scornful glance at him.

Austin usually had a good temper, but at this moment he was provoked by Terence. Not because of his arrogance, but because of his behaviors to Hester.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, Austin couldn't believe that such a cold-blooded animal existed in the world. He treated his own flesh and blood as a key to his own interests, ignoring the life and death of his woman.

What made Austin most indignant was that he flirted with another woman. He could accept Hester to choose another man, but he couldn't stand the man she choose betraying her and breaking her heart.

But he had to endure it in front of Hester.

"As the attending physician of Hester, I have to say something to her family,"

Hester's heart trembled, and she asked anxiously, "Brother Austin, is the baby... Did you find anything wrong? "

Austin smiled greatly and replied gently without showing any expression, "It's all right. The baby is very healthy. Don't think too much. Maintaining a good state of mind is also good for the baby's growth."

"But I haven't felt anything about the baby lately." Hester's big eyes were staring at Austin. Her intuition told her that he was hiding something from her.

"Brother Austin, can you tell me?" She got out of the bed and walked towards Austin, distracted. "Brother Austin. I'm a strong girl. I can bear any result," she said She held his hand sincerely and begged him humbly as a mother.

A large hand swiftly grasped

couldn't leave her child alone.

It was the life in her body.

She didn't know why Brother Austin wanted to abort her baby. Her slim and well-proportioned leg seemed to be unable to stand, and her petite body shook slightly. Austin quickly took a step to hold her soft back.

"Hester!" Austin's voice was full of anxiety, concern and a trace of guilt

The next second, Terence came to his senses, grabbed Austin's back and threw him out.

Though Terence didn't want to admit it, he was clear that he didn't like other men to touch her, even if they only touch her with one finger.

He forcefully held her slender waist in his arms. After half a circle, she did not fall down. At the same time, she looked up at the attractive face of Terence, who was as cold as a rock, hard, cold and expressionless.

"Didn't I tell you to lie in bed?" The man said coldly, as if he could spit out a blade from his mouth.

"Terence, don't abort the baby." Hester clutched his arm tightly, and her eyes were sad with tears. "Please, honey, I can't afford to lose my child. He is our common child."

"Shut up! You stupid woman!" He rudely threw her hands away and became restless. It was clearly Austin who said that he wanted to have an abortion operation. Judging from her expression now, she seemed to think that he had given an order to Austin.

This upset him!

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