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   Chapter 39 Is He Worth Your Love

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Hester stared at Austin's mouth. When she knew that he was about to say about the baby, she was suddenly nervous. She touched her belly unconsciously and asked anxiously, "Brother Austin, is the baby... Is he not okay? "

Although she tried her best to suppress her feelings, her voice was still disturbed, only she couldn't hear it by herself.

Looking at her face full of anxiety and anxiety, Austin felt a faint pain in his heart, so he couldn't bear to tell her the truth again. She was so fragile like a kitten, making people want to pity and protect her. As her attending doctor, Austin clearly knew that at the moment, any blow from her body could destroy her.

He still smiled gently, "Hester, don't think too much. The child is fine. I just drop by to see you."

Hester was relieved. As long as the baby was healthy, she would be fine. The baby was the crystallization of her and Terence, and the expectation of her in the future.

This unknown life, at the moment when it was throbbing in her body, she clearly felt that there was a bond between her and Terence, which was different from the will of Mrs. Qi, which gave them a feeling of warmth that had never been felt before.

Austin inquired about the condition of the fetus as usual. He tried to keep a peaceful tone and careful, lest he would expose his anxiety and affect her mood.

Hester answered all his questions with an earnest look. She pressed her hand against her belly. Her beautiful face was full of the beauty of maternal nature, and the corners of her mouth couldn't help revealing her sweetness.

Looking at her smile, Austin's heart was even more painful, as if being stabbed hard by a blunt knife. This simple and kind girl knew nothing about her current situation.

Austin knew that he couldn't stay in the ward any longer. He rubbed Hester's soft hair and said gently, "Hester, take good care of yourself. Everything will be fine."

Hester replied obediently.

However, the moment when he turned around and left, she keenly captured the pain in the corner of his eyes. What happened to him?


hat he still had no feelings for her.

But the woman didn't respond.

She couldn't hear his voice and didn't see the shape of his mouth when she lowered her head.

Noticing the woman's neglect of his discontent, Terence got a little annoyed. He pinched her chin and pulled her face in front of him. "I'm asking you, what were you talking about?"

When Terence stood at the door, he had heard something vague, something about the child.

There was no doubt that this baby was of great importance to him. It was supposed to be a cold figure, but somehow, from which on earth, Terence had found that the baby meant something else to him.

He had been struggling in his heart all the time. He even hated this kind of conflict, which made him unlike himself.

Hester had heard the shapes of Terence's mouth. Just as she was hesitating to tell him her unsettled guesses, Austin rushed in and roared, "Terence, what are you doing?"

He flung himself to Terence and knocked him off with his elbow.

"Hester, are you okay?" Austin looked at the delicate girl on the bed with concern.

However, the girl's eyes were only on that young man, "Terence, are you all right?"

Austin's eyes darkened in an instant, like the dark clouds blocking the moonlight. He knew that he was no match for that man in Hester's heart.

'But Hester, you are so silly.

Does this man deserve your love?'

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