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   Chapter 38 You Are So Mean

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Updated: 2020-01-27 00:33

Aron sighed, his eyes swept over them.

When Hester raised her head, she happened to meet Aron's gaze. He was looking at her with sympathy, which confused her.

Why did he look at her like this?

Hester turned to look at Terence, wondering what they were talking about and why Aron was looking at her that way.

"Why don't you eat?" Noticing her action, Terence didn't continue to talk to Aron and asked, lowering his head.

Hester shook her head and put down the chopsticks. "I'm full, the baby is full too." She raised her hand to touch her belly, with a smile on her innocent little face and bright eyes looking at him.

Her happy smile reminded him of what he said. The feeling of losing something really overwhelmed him. He couldn't help but frown.

Hester didn't know what was in his mind, nor did she know what he had said to Aron before. She could only observe the expressions on his face and the movement of his lips to distinguish his joy and sorrow.

Hester could only guess at this moment that he was angry at her because she had eaten too much?

Before she spoke, she saw Terence looked away and turned his head.

Following his eyes, she saw two strange men coming in.

Seeing people come in again, she who hadn't contact so many people suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. At the same time, she had to swallow the words that were on her lips.

She'd better not to annoy him.

But tonight, Terence took her out to meet his friend. Was this kind of accepting her?

Hester was overjoyed at the thought that Terence would slowly accept her and she could stand beside him as his wife. The three of them would live happily together.

After greeting Brain and his brother, Terence turned around and saw the little woman giggling. Curiously, he asked, "What are you giggling for?"

Hester was still smil

with a thin smile, "It seems that you have been living too comfortably these days."

Hester was sitting on the bed in the hospital with a small notebook in her hand. Something was written on it.

When Austin entered the ward, he saw Hester holding the notebook in her hand with a gentle smile.

Her happy face hurt him.

When he thought of what he heard in the nurse station this morning, he felt even worse.

Hester was thinking about the child's name. Suddenly, she felt a shadow cover over her. She was excited and thought that it was Terence, so she quickly looked up and said, "Terence..."

"Hester, it's me..." Seeing the smile on Hester's face disappeared at the moment she saw him, Austin had to use smile to hide his sadness.

"Brother Austin! Why are you here? " Hester's smile faded at the sight of the person, but soon she raised again.

Looking at Hester, Austin opened his mouth, hesitant to say anything.

But at the thought of Hester's body, he said, "Hester, I have something to tell you."

"What?" Hester asked, looking at Austin with confusion.

"It's about the baby." He glanced at the book in Hester's hand. It was full of names, including boys and girls. He didn't know how to say next.

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