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   Chapter 37 Stay Or Send Away

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Aron was surprised by Terence's decision. It serves Yam's right for a gang up with Alex, in order to kill Hester and her son. But when their crime was revealed, it meant...

"Are you going to make her identity public?" Aron asked doubtfully, glancing at Hester.

If the surgery video was posted online, everyone would be sure to pay attention to the patient. Hester's identity would be exposed. However, regardless of the company or the Ning family, he thought that Terence hadn't liked Hester to confirm her identity.

In a word, Aron didn't agree with his rash decision.

Upon hearing this, Terence did not deny at once. He turned his head and looked at Hester with his cold charming eyes. There were a few complex feelings in his eyes.

Expose her? She should be happy. After all, she has been expecting to be his wife day and night since she moved in the villa. Although she and he had been a legal couple, they had never held a wedding ceremony. In the future, he had to let outsiders know her identity...

No, he still needed the help of the Ning family. He just felt pity for her and didn't love her at all. He wouldn't really marry a woman who he didn't love as his wife.

Sensing his gaze, Hester raised her head and gave him a simple smile. Without asking, she continued to eat.

However, she had mixed feelings.

She couldn't hear what they were saying, but judging from their serious expressions, she knew they were discussing business, so she was not interested in knowing.

This was the first time for Terence to take her to visit a friend, though she wanted to behave well as a wife.

But he only allowed her to greet him simply.

As expected, she was disliked by Terence?

Terence was excellent, and she was also a disabled person with no hearing. In general, men would think that, let alone the man of honor, Terence?

If only she was a normal girl who could help Terence in every possible way. If only she was not a good for nothing in his eyes!

Lowering her eyelids, she covered the sadness and guilt in her eyes, and there was tear in her dar

re career. Or, if you meet a woman you love in the future, once she and that child are discovered, your life will be overturned. Do you want to follow your parents' path again? "

Aron had a general idea of Qi family's affairs. A couple turn against each other and became enemies. Father and son kept struggling. In the end, home was not his home, and family was not his relative.

As his friend, Aron hoped that Terence would follow the old path of the older generation. Rich families had many suffer, but they also had the ability to choose their own happiness.

Closing his thin lips into a line, Terence fell into deep thought, as his charming eyes subconsciously gazed at the quiet woman next to him, with a serious look.

If he abandoned her and wanted to take her baby away, would she go crazy as she was so thin?

At this moment, his anger and all humiliation subsided as he was forced to marry Hester by his mother's will.

Hester's face with no make-up, her bright eyes which were not influenced by the crowd and her innocent smile came to his mind several times.

The thought of losing her immediately brought a stabbing pain to his chest.

Clearly, no matter how much pain he was suffering, he could bear it with all his strength, but he was willing to defuse the subtle pain at the moment.

"I will think about it."

After a long time, Terence said in a low voice.

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