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   Chapter 36 It's Just A Piece Of Cake To Friendship

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Aron pursed his lips moderately. It was not strange for his friend to know the truth but still emotionless.

He glanced at Hester with strange sights.

Hester sensed that someone was looking at her, so she looked at it subconsciously and happened to bump into the pair of amorous and thin eyes. Her eyelashes trembled like a small fan, and her small fine nose wrinkled. She subconsciously did not like the pair of inquiring and strange eyes.

Her petite body leaned to Terence sitting next to her. He didn't say anything, but just glanced at her with his charming eyes.

Seeing this, Aron withdrew his gaze and continued to talk about the official matter with a serious smile.

"How clever you are! If you hadn't asked me to investigate for you before, I would think that someone dressed up like you and played a trick on me." Raising his eyebrows, Aron stroked the edge of the glass with his slightly rough fingertips and continued, "If the person by your side has the right to take the blame, what will you do?"

Terence looked indifferent, as if nothing could stir up his inner passions. He lifted the corners of his mouth and said calmly, "His reputation will be ruined or you can think of some special way to punish him? Tell me, what's the result of the video? "

They had known each other for years, so Terence knew Aron well. He was not an unreasonable man.

As for the so-called betrayal, he had already guessed it, and would not be moved either.

Hearing this, Aron's worry was completely cleared. He shrugged his shoulders and passed the iPad in his hand. Then he said in a playful tone as if he was telling a story, "Your family doctor fell into the honey trap. But unfortunately, this lady has a scorpion heart. The beauty happens to have Ning's surname, and she is quite familiar with you, so she lives with you day and night. "

Turning on the video, Terence saw Hester was sent to the emergency room, blood all over her body, and being pushed out at the end of the operation. He then saw the surgeon on the operating table, followed by three persons changing.


. "

Terence glanced at him coldly.

"I know Alex is into Yam, She is shy and delicate. She doesn't like him. If she won't offend me, I will turn a blind eye to it all the time" Then he changed his tone and looked solemn and cold.

Aron didn't interrupt him as he rubbed his arms which were full of goose bumps. Instead, he unwittingly took a glance at the obedient woman next to Terence who looked like a little rabbit. In his mind, it was a special feeling when there existed a third person but they could still talk about business without precautions.

"But, what's more, there is an engagement news conference before. Now, how dare she hurt my wife and my child again? She has crossed the line. I think that she is so complacent that she forgets the consequence of angering me." Terence sneered, narrowing his eyes dangerously.

Aron's face darkened. He was extremely disgusted with the fact that Yam had colluded with Alex in an attempt to kill anyone. What's more, he had never had a good impression of Yam.

"Tell me, what should I do?" Aron put forward straightforwardly. He knew that it was not appropriate to break up with the Ning family, but Terence swore to revenge.

Since he had already become his friend, he would like to handle the scandal personally.

After a sip of wine, Terence said calmly, "Send the video out. Don't forget to record their phone conversation."

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