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   Chapter 35 Your New Girlfriend This Is Aron

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With Hester in his hand, Terence went straight to a VIP box of a health care restaurant near the hospital.

In the room, as soon as Terence entered and sat down, the other man sat inside observed Hester with his long amorous eyes, feeling interested.

"Terence, you have a new girlfriend?" Aron Lu had always been profligate and cynical, with numerous women surrounding him. He is totally different from Terence's cold temperature. But they had been good friends for many years.

With an angry glance at him, Terence sat down in the chair, followed by Hester.

Having not been contact with strangers for a long time, Hester was obviously afraid of strangers. Her little face looked a little anxious.

Hester did not know who he was, but she was excited as she could feel that they were very close. She felt a little awkward and timid when looking straight into Aron's naked sight. After getting the hint from Terence, she smiled and greeted him politely.

"Hello, I'm Hester." Terence's wife... She looked at Terence carefully, only said half of what she wanted to say, afraid that he would disdain or anger him.

Although there was only one name in her words. Aron stopped joking and took a glance at the silent man.

It turned out that she was his wife, not his mistress.

However, Aron didn't know much about Hester. He only heard that she lived in Terence house, and that she was a daughter-in-law selected by Mrs. Qi.

He reached out his hand at Hester and said, "Hi, I am Terence's sworn friend, Aron."

Hester turned her head at Terence, relied on him with nervousness.

His thin lips curved up. With his chin nodded, Hester reached out her small hand and held it back by force.

Seeing the two hands in each other's hand, the desire to enjoy the dependence of the woman by his side suddenly sank in his mind. His thick eyebrows knitted into an imperceptible frown, and his eyes swept across the table. There were no other dishes suitable for pregnant women. He ordered in a cold voice, "Serve."

When they were working, dishes a

hear the voice, without his permission, she could not reveal a word more.

Aron was a little shocked. He looked at the petite figure in front of him, eyes full of curiosity, and felt pity for her.

However, since Hester had no hearing, he didn't need to guard against a deaf.

Aron turned around and sat down again, joking, "Mr. Terence, you have a special taste."

Terence was surrounded by beauties, but the woman he cared about for the first time was disabled. He could not help but sigh.

"Mr. Aron, I am just an ordinary man compared with you. Cut the crap. What have you found? " Asked Terence, not intending to talk about Hester.

With a solemn smile, Aron said, "I think you have a general idea of Qi group's internal strife. And I found out that Mike had cooperated with Ning family since a long time ago and aim at kicking you out of Qi group. However, not long before the news of your engagement with Yam, the Ning family suddenly changed their sides and took your side. "

Though he didn't make it clear, Terence had already guessed the conspiracy.

He glared at Aron with his sharp and intimidating eyes. Then he said with a sneer, "Hum, that cunning fox in the Ning family is probably trying to monopolize the whole company. Since Mike is not able to satisfy his further benefits, he naturally leaves him as soon as he sees I am congenial to him."

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