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   Chapter 34 Who Sent The Anonymous Video

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After hearing her words, Terence cast a cold glance at her, with displeasure flashing in his eyes.

Before he could leave, this girl had opened her mouth to ask him to leave. He could do whatever he wanted with lover. But his wife was different. Did she realize her true identity?

If he leaves, she'd better keep her dignity, 'he thought.

His eyes were full of malice and coldness. Then, without a word, he turned around, opened the door and walked out.

Her liquid eyes stared at his back as he walked away without hesitation. Her eyelashes trembled like a small fan, and a green shadow fell in her soft and white eyes. Her slightly drooping eyes were filled with disappointment.

She closed the door lightly and forced a smile.

It turned out that she was being oversensitive. The tenderness of Terence just helped her and showed her sympathy. Maybe he didn't even have a look at her at all.

Hester was sad, and remembered what Mrs. Qi had said before she died.

While kneading her stiff and expressionless face with her two small white hands, Hester lifted the corners of her mouth and murmured to herself, 'Cheer yourself up. Terence is very busy with his work every day. You can't trouble him anymore. Don't forget that he has promised you that he won't abandon you. So you should be satisfied if you can stay with him. '

Hester reminded herself not to think too much and quickly adjust her state.

However, she could not show any more smile on her face. Once the doubts were buried, they could not be totally solved, or her heart could be ignored, but could not be rooted, and in the future, more troubles and misunderstanding would be caused.

Outside the door, Terence didn't leave. He took out his mobile phone and clicked on the anonymous video forwarded by his secretary.

On the clear screen, there was a grim operating table, surrounded by doctors and nurses. In the dead silence, a person suddenly rushed in, followed by a few quarrels and an operation finally went on smoothly.

It was just a normal operation. But when he saw the patients, his eyes became dimmer and dimmer.

After the video ended, he called someone again, his

glared at her with his charming eyes. He was too angry to say anything.

Neither of them opened their mouth. The room was unusually quiet, and suddenly there was a strange sound.

With a disdainful look, he squinted at the woman who was about to bury her head in her chest. He pursed his lips and said coldly, "Put on your coat. I'll take you to dinner."

As soon as he finished his words, he turned around and walked out of the ward expressionlessly. Obviously, he was not happy, but the corners of his mouth lifted slightly, as if he was tittering.

Hester was extremely shy at his back. She covered her burning cheeks with her two hands, and was eager to find a hole in the ground and hide there.

She had just had dinner and was hungry, so she was not reserved.

However, Hester was helpless. Since she was pregnant, her appetite seemed to be blown large, and her appetite had increased exponentially.

She didn't want him to wait for her, so she followed with a red face. Hester was so embarrassed that she didn't raise her head all the way.

Next to her, Terence raised his thick eyebrows and stared playfully at the woman acting like an ostrich. His anger disappeared miraculously, and his eyes sparkled with a smile.

Hester had been bowing her head, so she hadn't noticed the rare expression on her face, nor had she noticed that Terence had slowed down his steps deliberately, so that she wouldn't have to pant to chase him.

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