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   Chapter 32 I Have Only One Legal Wife

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He ordered the nurse to open all the windows in the room and opened the cleaner. Until he breathed the unique fragrance did he stop the nurse.

He turned around and casually caught a glimpse of the bowl and chopsticks held by her. Immediately, he put on a long face with blue veins standing out on the corners of his eyes.

He had told nurses to throw away all the things that Mike had brought. How could there be any leftover?

Terence strode forward, grabbed the bowl and chopsticks abruptly, pretending to crack them down.

Her white hand curled up a little, and her cherry lips moved a little. In the end, she didn't say anything, but her clear eyes became dimmer and dimmer.

He was with Miss Yam before, talking and laughing, but losing his temper at the sight of her... 'Terence, do you really hate me so much?


When he saw her petite body trembling slightly, he sank his handsome face and thought for a moment. His big hand grabbed the thin blanket on the bed and clumsily covered her. He muttered in disgust, "You are too dumb to speak if you're cold. You are so stupid."

Hester's body was warm. She raised her head and looked at the slightly proud handsome face. She blinked incredulously and smiled.

It turned out that the look of his little kitten like was so lovely.

Terence glanced at her, who used to wear a smile on her face. He was somehow pleased to see her smile returning to her former state. However, if he knew Hester's thoughts at the moment, he would probably throw the bowl and leave angrily.

"Open your mouth, let's eat." They didn't get along with each other like before. Glancing at the bowl and chopsticks in his hands, he sat down in a chair, picked up the food and passed it to her.

"What?" Hester was stunned. It was the first time that she had been treated like this, so she was stunned, mostly at a loss.

She gazed at him with her big, magic eyes. She couldn't tell what was happening, and the slightest bit of distress in her mind was sent flying out into the corner.

In the eyes of Terence, the unconcerned look on her face meant refusal. With a cold

oldly, "What do you want to do?"

Terence's voice could not be heard by Hester in his ruthless and relaxed tone. Seeing his angry expression, she was afraid, but her small hand insisted on tightening.

Her mouth moved a little, and her big black and white eyes bravely looked at him, but she couldn't stop crying. Her voice was hoarse and thick, and she begged despairingly, "Terence, please, don't abandon me. I only have you Even if you don't love me or hate me... "

She paused for a moment, her tender lips trembling uncontrollably. Then she said firmly, "I won't force you to do something you don't like, nor will I provoke you again. I just want to stay by your side. Don't worry. If you don't want to see me, I'll hide. It's just... Please allow me to look at you silently, okay? "

After saying the last word, she used up all her strength, and more tears rushed down, like a stream of grief. On Terence's two cold and heartless eyes, he was shocked and couldn't help shivering in a flash.

Terence stared at the woman who was crying silently. He felt rather sour and painful rather than twitching. The mixed and complicated feelings made him ignore what she said was very puzzling.

He stretched out his slender hand and wiped the tears on her face clumsily. His thin lips opened, and there was a trace of softness in his low and indifferent voice. "You are my legal wife. How can I throw you away?"

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