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   Chapter 31 Pay Attention To Your Identity

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The picture of her questioning or crying appeared in his mind. He didn't expect that after she almost lost her baby, she would talk and laugh with another man.

Such a warm and quiet life never belonged to them, but she was having it with his nominal brother! 'Damn! This woman is a slut! Asshole!'!

The inexplicable feelings of Terence were spread in his heart, which made him almost irritable to the core, wishing to throw out Mike.

But he didn't know that this nameless anger was jealousy.

He suppressed his anger. His eyes were sharp and intimidating. He was staring at the pale little face and the sweet smile on her pink lips. He was so angry that he wanted to tear her up.

Hester was unaware that someone had entered the her room before. Then, she turned her head suddenly and was immediately pleasantly surprised, but she was soon reminded of the troublesome scene. The joy in her clear eyes gradually dimmed and lost her light.

Terence must have accompanied Miss Yam to come back for her.

The news of his engagement with Miss Yam was published in the newspaper. He admitted that. And Miss Yam seemed to be pregnant. Was that his child?

Did he dislike her and want to abandon her?

Hester was overwhelmed by a series of questions. It was so painful that her eyes were quickly covered with a thick mist and sadness spread.

Hester kept her head down, lest Terence would be more annoyed and despised her.

However, Hester's extremely depressed expression was more and more irritated at Terence's towering anger.

He glared at the woman who lowered her head, with an imperceptible loss flashing in his eyes.

'Every time she saw him, she would dash to him cheerfully. Why can she just stay here this time?

Could she be indifferent to him as long as she got other men's love?

Hester, your love is so cheap!'

Pressing his thin lips together, he did not go over to pinch the little woman, but asked what he had been thinking impulsively.



Seeing this, Mike held back all the emotions in his heart. He knew he couldn't stay anymore.

He turned around and patted Hester's shoulder. Looking up at the little face, he said in a mild voice, "Hester, I'll leave first, and I'll come to see you again. You..."

"Don't bother. You are not welcome here." Next to her, Terence sneered and interrupted him impassively.

All of a sudden, his gentle and handsome face looked a little embarrassed. The hatred in his eyes flashed several times, and finally was barely hidden by him.

Mike twitched the corners of his mouth, turned around and left.

As soon as he left, Terence saw the fine food on the table. With rage in his heart, he looked sharply at the person at the door and scolded the nurse: "I said, all the food must be tested by Dr. Alex. Who allows you to let it in? What are you looking at? Clean it up immediately. Don't leave any oil or smoke here! "

His voice was not loud, but was loud enough to be heard clearly by the people at the door.

The nurse trembled with fear. She threw the lunch box into the trash can and sterilized it with alcohol carefully. She didn't dare to shrink back and leave after getting the permission from Terence.

By the door, with his fist clenched, Mike was as stiff as a stone.? ? ? He paused a little and left.

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