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   Chapter 30 Hester, You Have Changed

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At the moment, Hester gritted her teeth and turned around, running crazily out.

She wanted to catch up with Terence and ask him in person if he was the father of Yam's child?

It was obviously that she had married to Terence. She was his real wife.

But the child was innocent. Should she be the one to leave Terence willingly so as to let them unite as a family?

Hester was excited at this cruel thought. She couldn't bear the pain of leaving her only family member, her beloved man.

The nurse quickly chased her. Hester was weak and petite. Before long, she was taken back to the ward by the nurse.

The nurse worried that Hester had once again run out of the ward. Without paying attention, she pushed the long and thin needle into her delicate skin and slowly sent the tranquilizer in.

A moment later, Hester calmed down completely under the drug, allowing the nurse to do all kinds of checks for her. Without any resistance, she seemed to be unable to feel the pain.

After the nurse left the ward, Hester sat on the bed, meditating at the scene she had just seen. Her white hand caressed her belly unconsciously. She was in deep contemplation, unable to come back to her senses for a long time.

Hearing that Hester was sent to the hospital, Mike anxiously booked the earliest flight back. When he had reached the hospital, he was dejected at the sight of Hester.

Feeling a sharp pain in his heart, he put the hamper on the table, but Hester was unable to perceive it at all.

"Hester, Hester..." Mike moved closer to her, waved his hand in front of her and called her softly.

Moments later, Hester raised her head and looked at the sudden appearance of Mike. She was stunned, and her mind returned to reality.

"Why are you here, Mike?" Hester's mouth twitched, trying to make herself look like a fairy.

However, her forced smile made him even more distressed.

"You were in hospital, how could I not come. Have a guess. What I brought you? " With a smile, he took out all the dishes out of the container, which were Hester's favorite.

Hester smiled bitterly, lowering her head dejectedly. She looked at her abdomen, and her heart was filled with heavy loss and sadness.

Mike observed her reaction and expressions with his bright eyes, and guessed something bad had happened.

Hester was in a good mood after pregnancy, but now she was in low spirits Did she miscarry?

Though he knew it was inappropriate, he couldn't help jumping for joy uncontrollably.

Mike speculated that there must be something going on between Hester and Terence.

Now there was no bond between her and Terence anymore. As long as Hester were desperate about Terence, then his chance would come.

'Terence, if you don't know how to take care of Hester and hurt her, then you can't have her anymore.'

Having made up his mind, he gave the food to Hester and asked cautiously, "Hester, how are you feeling now? Did my brother bully you while I was away? Or he brought another woman home, which made you unhappy? "

Hester replied, shaking her head. She was very agitated and was still thinking about the matter of Yam. She did not want to answer it. When she saw the food beside her mouth, she avoided it subconsciously. She was not in the mood to say, "Mike, I'm not hungry. You don't have to care about me. Just eat by yourself."

Mike insisted and coaxed her, "Hester, if you don't eat, your child will be hungr

y. Then, the baby couldn't grow up in a healthy way, and he would blame you for not taking good care of him when he grew up, which would make him lose a lot of weight. So, in order to keep the baby, you have to eat some even if you don't feel like eating. You are not hungry, but the baby may be hungry. "

Baby was Hester's weakness. Hearing Mike's words, her beautiful face was stunned, and her hands unconsciously stroked her belly.

Right, the baby might be sleeping, so she didn't sense it.

Even if she was sad and had no appetite, she could not sacrifice the baby a little.

Hester opened her mouth and ate the food, but she just swallow it without any chew.

A hint of doubt flashed across Mike's eyes. He was not sure whether Hester had lost her baby or not.

However, it was rare for him to stay alone with his beloved woman. Enjoying the time, he patiently fed her all the food.

Mike still want to make Hester happy, at the same time, Hester was sad and dejected, but she habitually responded to him in order not to embarrass others.

"Mike, let me do it. You should have some too." Hester reached for the chopsticks and apologized.

Mike moved his hand away and fed her with a piece of cake. Seeing that Hester had swallowed without fear, he felt a little cunning and got close to her. He said with a smile, "Hester, now it's your turn to feed me."

Hester stunned, and then laughed: "Mike, why are you like a child?"

With an arched eyebrow, he leaned at Hester and asked her to hurry up.

Hester could only feed him.

However, when she saw the somewhat proud look of Mike, she couldn't help imaging a little cat, whose figure combined into two shadows, extreme image.

All of a sudden, she thought of the familiar handsome face. Hester tilted her head and imagined the proud and cute expression of the little cat. What would it look like?

It seemed that Terence never acted coquettishly to her and his gentleness never belonged to her. Hester's heart ached, and her pretty face darkened.

Mike's eyes darkened and his face got close to her. He opened his mouth and swallowed the meat on the chopsticks.

Hester was stunned by him at first, staring at Mike who was enjoying it, and asked with curiosity, "Are you hungry?"

"Ha ha! My girl! Don't expose the fact. I hurried back as soon as I heard that you were in hospital. I really haven't eaten for two times. " Mike looked at Hester, pretending to be aggrieved, and continued pathetically, "Hester, how are you going to compensate me?"

Hester was amused by Mike's funny appearance and tone. She stopped thinking about what she had just seen.

She raised her hand, caressed his hair and fed him. She said with a smile, "Don't be naughty, I will feed you."

"Hester, you've changed." Mike squinted slightly, but a smile played at the corners of his mouth.

Hester wisely stuck out her tongue and shrugged at him. "Mike, that's because you are not pure in your mind."

Hearing her words, Mike burst into laughter. He felt warm and full inside.

They had a contented conversation, surrounded by slight warmth.

After Terence escorted Yam home, he hesitated and then returned to the hospital.

Standing at the door of the ward, he took a deep breath and raised his hand to push the door open.

Seeing the warm scene in front of him, Terence's handsome face darkened, and his eyes were filled with anger. He shouted, "What are you doing?"

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