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   Chapter 29 Yam Was Pregnant

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When Austin opened the door, he saw the sad look on Terence's face. With a complex expression, he said coldly, "You don't have to pretend to be sorry. Mother and son are safe. I hope you can take good care of Hester and your children in the future, or I will take her away."

The handsome face was stunned, and he did not even have the mood to argue with Austin. He frowned and asked coldly, "Dr. Alex, is what he said true?"

Dr. Alex reluctantly nodded. His plan was destroyed by Austin again.

Upon hearing this, Terence let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the child was still alive.

Time flies like the sand between his fingers. As time passed, the darkness in the air made people scared and collapse. The person who wanted to escape was like a second, struggling to find the exit.

In the VIP ward, the woman lying quietly in the bed suddenly opened her eyes, which were brimmed with lingering fear.

The nightmare she just had kept flashing through her chaotic head, which wrapped her with fear.

The thin mist in front of her gradually dispersed. Hester looked around, realizing that she was in the hospital. Her lips got out of the turbid air and curled a corner of her mouth. She mumbled to herself, "I'm fine. It was just a nightmare."

Her white hands habitually touched her flat stomach. The smile on her good-looking face suddenly froze. Her eyes blinked and her pupils were shaking uneasily.

Hester forced herself to sit up. She touched her abdomen with her two hands, but it was not able to feel it before.

"Baby, please respond to Mommy, okay?" Hester stared at her belly and pleaded with a hopeful expression.

Every time Dr. Alex examined her, he told her that her baby was very healthy, so her baby couldn't have been... The baby was fine. Terence must know about it.

Hester raised her head and nervously swept her gaze across the room. With her eyes only touching the cold device, she was not able to see her beloved man who could calm her heart.

"Terence..." With infinite panic in her clear eyes, she jumped off the bed in a hurry, enduring the pain all over her body, and ran out of the ward in a hurry barefoot.

Although she walked in a hurry, she firmly protected her lower abdomen with her hands.

The petite figure shuttled through the crowd, but did not find the familiar figure.

Hester's eyes were panicked as she ran into the medicine cart. It was a severe pain in her waist. Suddenly her wrist was grabbed. Hester turned her head and saw the nurse open her mouth and said, "Miss Hester, why did you come out?"

Hester's first thought was that the nurse knew her and that she must know about Terence.

Hester held the nurse's hand excitedly and asked with a near collapse, "Please tell me where Terence is. I want to ask him if my baby is still alive?"

The nurse was frightened by Hester's crazy behaviors. She held her trembling body and forced her back to the ward. She soothed her softly, "Yes, Miss Hester, your baby is still alive. Miss Hester, Mr. Terence is not in the hospital. Let me accompany you to your ward, okay? "

She still looked at the nurse with her sleepy black eyes and felt uneasy. She was eager to see him.

She moved her lips a little and wanted to say something to protest, but finally she didn't say anything.

She remembered that Terence didn't like someone to bother him. He must be working, so he didn't come to see her. She couldn't bother him.

Hester continued to persuade herself to

look for Terence, but she was unable to hide the disappointment on her white face. She lowered her head and followed the nurse to the ward.

As soon as she turned around, a familiar figure came into her sight. Her watery eyes suddenly lit up.

Hester excitedly broke free from the nurse's control and ran to the window. Her body was pressed against the glass and she waved her hands at the opposite of the long corridor, hoping that he would notice her.

Hester shouted excitedly, "Terence, I'm here!"

A hoarse and unpleasant voice sounded, and the people around looked at her curiously. The nurse hurried up and grabbed Hester's arms, trying to pull her away.

Hester gripped the glass window with her hands, struggling not to leave.

In the corridor opposite, Terence suddenly raised his head. Hester's eyes lit up with joy, but she hesitated to find that he was not looking at her.

What she could see was only Terence's back.

Following Terence's gaze, she discovered that there was a woman walking towards him.

"Terence, I have a big good news for you." With a big smile on her face, Yam caressed her belly, as if good luck was in her hands.

With his thick eyebrows raised, Terence looked at her coldly. He was not in the mood to joke with her.

Seeing that, Yam did not dare to tantalize him. She touched her belly and said, "I'm pregnant."

"Pregnant? Yam, are you sure? " Terence lowered his head, sharp eyes staring at the charming woman next to him. His handsome face was hard to tell his emotion.

Yam avoided eye contact and confidently took out the test list from her bag and handed it to Terence, smiling, "Terence, the baby was almost one month old, and it should be the last time we sex that I got pregnant. Look at me, I am drowsy, suddenly want to eat sour food, and retched from time to time. I didn't guess it and thought it was a disease."

The woman giggled in his ear. Her bright eyebrows and eyes were painted with a deep smile, and her whole body seemed to become soft and dazzling.

Terence's charming eyes moved slightly and swept over the laboratory sheet in front of him. However, a small face without makeup appeared in his mind, and then was submerged by the bright and dazzling blood. His cold handsome face suddenly changed.

Noticing that Terence was absent-minded and guessed what he was thinking, Yam was furious, but she concealed her anger. She held his arm lovingly and asked in a spoiled tone, "Terence, we have a child now. Aren't you happy as a father to be?"

He compressed his lips and responded indifferently, "I'm happy. I'll drive you home. You'd better stay at your house as you can and take good care of yourself. "

Hearing his concern, she nodded obediently.

Resting her head on his chest, Yam fixed her eyes on her belly, with her red lips curved up.

'This baby came just in time. It is my destiny to be Terence's wife.


As they walked out, no one noticed Hester at the window on the shore.

Hester was able to see their movements clearly. She stared at the hand on Yam's belly. Her tender and white hand touched her underbelly, and her eyes were full of confusion.

Is Miss Yam pregnant? Was the baby she was carrying Terence's?

Hester was confused at the thought, her lips trembling unconsciously. She raised her head and wanted to ask Terence about it, but she found that the couple had already disappeared. Her pretty face got dejected at once.

Hester was taken back to the ward at her loss.

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