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   Chapter 28 Surgery

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Soon, the car was stopped in the hospital. Dr. Alex, together with the world famous gynecologist and the team, rushed to the operating room.

In front of the operating room, when Terence saw Dr. Alex and others, he let out a sigh of relief.

He raised his hand and patted hard on Dr. Alex's shoulder. Staring at him, he said, "Alex, protect them for me."

A complicated light flashed in Alex's eyes. In a serious tone, he said, "Mr. Terence, I will try my best. But if I have to make a choice between adult and child, please give me an answer now. "

With his thick eyebrows knitted and his lips compressed, he roared angrily, "I don't allow any accident!" His woman and his child must be kept safe!

With a slightly grim expression, Dr. Alex sighed, nodded to him, and then walked into the operating room.

The door was closed again. With a tense look on his handsome face, Terence clenched his teeth and confronted with a sense of panic and helplessness that he had never experienced, making him resent his powerlessness at the moment.

Austin stood opposite to him and saw the imperial like expression of the man clearly. He was surprised, and then the anger accumulated in his chest slowly dissipated.

Fortunately, he hadn't extinguished his conscience, knowing that his wife and son were in danger.

After a moment of silence, Austin drew his gaze back and continued to stare at the operating room door.

He focused, but he still felt a little tired.

He had been staying in the operating room for several consecutive days. He was not able to perform a long-term and advanced operation, which was why he didn't do the operation on Hester personally.

He was afraid that the distraction would kill his beloved girl. He could not afford the risk.

At the moment, the atmosphere in the operating room was cold and solemn. Dr. Alex looked at the unstable data on the screen of the instrument, indicating that his assistant to ask the doctor and nurses who had been in charge get out.

Doctors and nurses in the hospital looked at each other but dared not say anything. They quietly retreated to the outside room and handed the scene of the surgery to Dr. Alex and experts.

After they all cleared the site, Alex ordered decisively: "Prepare for the surgery to abort and take out the baby."

The expert objects, "Dr. Alex, although the pregnant woman had massive hemorrhage before, the baby still had heartbeat and did not die. Whether we have an abortion or not, we might be subject to the jury of morality. "

"This is the order of Mr. Terence. We serve for him and shall prepare the DNA sample of our children as soon as possible. We are alone here. No one knows if you don't tell! " Alex shouted angrily.

The expert was left speechless. He was hired by Terence and he must listen to the order. Then the experts and the team performed the surgery quickly.

Outside the operating room, through the transparent glass on the operating door, Austin saw that the doctors and nurses of the hospital were driven out, and he was confused.

It was at the critical moment of the surgery. How could they all come out?

At the thought of the operation room which was now full of Terence's men, Austin felt a bad feeling.

He pushed the door open and walked in, in order to check Hester's safety.

Terence glanced at him but ignored. At the moment, all he wanted was that woman and their baby could be safe.

Although he didn't like Austin, he wouldn't deny his profession in medicine. Hester was in need of his help now.

"Dr. Austin?" The doctors and nurses outside the room were confused to see Austin break in.

Ignoring them, Austi

n rushed into the room and saw Dr. Alex holding a sharp scalpel, preparing to slide down on Hester's white belly.

"Stop!" Austin's pupils shrank. He quickly walked forward and grabbed the knife.

Alex's face turned pale.

"Dr. Alex, now all indexes are normal. What are you going to do?" Austin glanced through the screen of the monitor and asked sharply.

Austin thought that these were the orders of Terence, who was ruthless and selfish, for the sake of his own interests!

Without giving him a chance to explain, he beckoned the doctors and nurses outside to go on with the surgery.

"Dr. Alex, don't hurt my girl as I'm here. As a doctor, you should abide by the professional ethics and do not do anything stupid. Now please go out. I'll take care of this operation. " Austin whispered.

Dr. Alex smiled gently and replied, "Dr. Austin, you've misunderstood." Then he untied his surgical uniform, turned around and walked out.

Before stepping out of the door, he turned his head and saw the slim figure on the operating table through the crack of the white curtain. Guilt filled his eyes.

After a few seconds, the door finally opened. Terence's eyes lit up, however, what he first saw was not Hester.

Frowning, Terence looked subconsciously at the man behind Dr. Alex. There was expectations on his handsome face that he hadn't noticed.

His heart skipped a beat, and his thin lips trembled slightly.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Terence." Said Dr. Alex apologetically, lowering his head and avoiding eye contact with Terence.

Suddenly, he pulled a long face and stared coldly at the man he trusted. He pressed his thin lips into a line and choked with sobs, unable to speak a word.

The child, was it gone in the end?

Only after the child was lost did he find the very precious existence.

'Baby, I haven't taken good care of you yet. Why are you leaving when I have not have a look at you?


Was this the so-called karma?

The tall and straight figure seemed aged ten years in an instant, and his stoop had faded away.

After a long time, Terence closed his eyes, endured the pain of cut in his heart, and opened his thin lips. He asked in a hoarse voice, "Hester, how is she?"

"Miss Hester can be discharged after nursing." Dr. Alex replied with respect. Realizing that Terence had misunderstood him, his ashen eyes were lit up with hope.

As long as Mr. Terence still trusted him, he would have a chance to have an abortion secretly.

"Take good care of her and give her the best treatment." Terence's thin lips moved slightly and he ordered in a faint voice.

The petite body that had been whispering to the baby through her belly the other day appeared in Terence's mind. He was at a loss and did not know how to tell her this bad news, and how could she bear this grief?

The surgery was over. The nurse put on Hester's clean hospital gown.

Austin stared at her pale face with tenderness. He was trembling, not knowing whether he was angry at Terence or sympathized with Hester.

"Dr. Austin, the patient needs to be admitted to the ward." The nurse asked, as she found that Austin didn't move.

Austin took a deep breath, looked up and said, "The inner wall of the patient's womb is thin that she is not allowed to be pregnant. After this, the fetus and the mother suffer a heavy blow. You must carefully take good care of them. If anything happens, inform me immediately."

The nurse nodded and was about to put the Hester on the mobile bed. Before she could do so, Austin held her petite body up with great care, and gently placed her on the bed. Then he slowly walked out of the operating room with the nurse.

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