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   Chapter 27 Mr. Qi, You Can Only Protect The Child Or The Adult

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With a cold glance, Terence raised a corner of his lips and sneered, "Dr. Austin, you know the baby in her belly is mine."

It meant that his woman didn't need other men to meddle with her business!

His words choked Austin to silence. He pressed his lips and sat down on the side chair, staring anxiously at the closed door of the operating room.

"When will Alex arrive?" Terence withdrew his sneer, asked coldly.

"Mr. Terence, Dr. Alex will land in three minutes. His car has been waiting at the airport. He will arrive at the hospital in forty minutes." Lisa replied expressionlessly.

On hearing this, a light of disappointment flashed across Terence's eyes.

There was a dead silence outside the operating room. Everyone had different feelings, but they all cared about the situation in the operating room.

Half an hour later, an icy device was inserted into Hester's operating room. Hester was hospitalized with the heavy smell of medicine.

"The pregnant woman has hemorrhage, and the baby may be aborted." The doctor looked at the screen of the instrument, sighed and then ordered the nurse, "Inform the pregnant's family to make a decision."

The sharp surgical knife reflected a dazzling light under the light. Hester instinctively sensed the danger and struggled to stand up. She looked at the doctor's mouth with her blurred eyes, indistinctly understanding what the doctor meant.

She was shocked and struggled desperately, trying to leave the operating room. This was a terrible place.

However, Hester was controlled by the nurse. She was so frightened that she shook her head weakly and mumbled, "My baby..."

Hester struggled and consumed the last bit of strength and will. She couldn't resist the weak sweep. She went black and lost consciousness, falling into endless darkness.

At the same time, the nurse was walking out of the operating room with an operation certificate.

As soon as the door of the operation room was opened, a nurse walked up to Terence and asked respectfully, "Mr. Terence, pregnant women are in a very dangerous situation. The doctor said that there is only the child or the mother for you. Please make a decision as soon as possible! "

His sharp eyes turned into a trance in a moment, and his cold handsome face became a little panicked. Terence shook his arm and realized that he had stood there for a long time and his whole body was stiff. However, he didn't know what to do with the nurse's tricky question.

Only at this moment did he realize that the child he regarded as the key was not a cold thing, but a fresh life, the succession of his blood.

As for the mother of this child, even he disdained and hated her, he had never thought of really taking her life.

He was not willing to lose either of them.

In the face of difficult choice, Terence, who was always decisive, hesitated for the first time and even fearful.

Time was pressing. The nurse asked again when she found that he had no reaction. Behind them, Austin could not help stepping forward, ready to answer for him.

What he didn't understand was that Hester was unique, It's better to ensure her safety at first. So what else did he have to hesitate for? Could he really give up the Hester's life just for his own desires?

Furious as Austin was, he knew it wasn't the time to fight against Terence even.

As he was about to answer, Terence, who had stayed in the room for a long time, said in a gravelly voice, "I want both the mother and the child! I don't care what method you use. One more member will be buried along with you in the entire operating room! "

The nurse was frightened by the ferocious nature of Terence, and shuddered all over. She wa

nted to ask again awkwardly, but dared not speak.

For this reason, Austin whispered, "You go in first, and try your best to protect both of them."

The nurse was stunned by his words. She nodded her head and walked into the operating room in a hurry.

Looking at the man in front of him, a flicker of surprise crossed Austin's eyes. He thought that Terence only wanted a child.

"Mr. Terence, we're not playing computer games during the operation. I hope your family doctor and the international authoritative experts will be there as soon as possible. Otherwise..." The child would be aborted, and Hester would be hurt.

He didn't finish his sentence because that was the last thing he wanted to see.

Austin stood at the other side of the operating room, staring at the two doors anxiously.

"I know." A moment later, with his thin lips pursed into a straight line, Terence said in a cold voice.

Austin was slightly shocked, but he was not in the mood to say anything.

The two men stood at one side, feeling that the moment was as long as a year.

On the other side, Dr. Alex and the international gynecologist got off the plane and rushed into the car.

Suddenly, her phone rang. When Dr. Alex saw the caller ID, he answered it and asked in a gentle voice, "Yam, what's up?"

If the distance between Dr. Alex and Yam was closer, it must be a salutation.

"Alex, I heard that Hester was sent into the hospital?" At the other end of the phone, Yam grasped the phone line and asked anxiously.

"Yes. According to the news from the hospital, the situation is not good. Yam, Mr. Terence will call me at any time. We can talk about it another day. " Dr. Alex said affirmatively, thinking that she was simply worried about the situation and prepared to hang up.

However, Yam wouldn't let the good opportunity slip through her fingers before she achieved her goal.

"Wait, I have something important to ask you." Yam hurried to stop him and tentatively asked, "Alex, last time you mentioned the method of C-section... It seems that we are not destined to have this baby. I don't want Terence to be difficult to deal with this thing. What about you make a decision for him? "

There was Ning family's people in the hospital. She thought that if Hester had lost her child, she would finally remove the block that she insisted on being Terence's wife. But she didn't expect that Terence would desperately protect that deaf and that bastard!

She didn't dare to challenge him again. The only thing she could do was to have Alex remove the child in the operating room.

There was only one chance. She couldn't allow anything bad or unexpected happen to her happy future.

Hearing her words, Dr. Alex was silent for a while and said: "According to the current situation, C-section is the best solution."

Hearing that, Yam was so excited that her voice trembled. "Thank you, Alex. I hope our secret will never be known by Terence."

With a bitter and wry smile, Dr. Alex replied in a low voice, "Rest assured, Yam. I will do everything as you say."

She loved Terence deeply. He could not get her heart in his life. The only thing he could hope was that she would be happy. How could he let her down?

Having gained his promise, Yam hung up after a few more flattering words.

Under the bright and gorgeous light, her charming eyes were full of joy. She swirled the wine glass, her red lips raised high, enchanting and vicious.

The bustling streets and the hospital where people came and went seemed to be inconstant as usual. Everyone's lives were pushed regularly. Some people were happy, while some were pushed into the abyss of hell, losing everything that was most precious.

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