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   Chapter 26 Terence, What Did You Do To Her !

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Hester's mouth was half open, and there were two thin fogs in her clear eyes. Her body trembled.

In a trance, she saw the man she loved most walking towards her. His handsome face was not cold and unapproachable, but a fierce look with hatred and resentment.

Opening his perfect thin lips, he shouted at her coldly, "I wish you could die!"

These extremely disgusting words appeared in her dream, and now it seemed as if it was not a dream, which made people unable to tell whether it was real or illusory.

The two worlds intertwined and fell to the ground. A nightmare appeared in the reality.

"No, it can't be. Terence married me. He can't love me anymore and he can't deceive me. He is not going to get engaged to another woman. I must be having a nightmare..." Hester shook her head hard. She wanted to close her eyes, but she was unable to move her eyes away from the pair of heavenly puppets in the picture.

Hester bit her lip tightly. The line between her tiny and delicate lip was left with white thread, and blood droplets came out of her mouth after she bit the skin, making her in sharp contrast with her pale face.

Terence went downstairs elegantly and walked into the dining room.

He glanced at the table with his sharp and frightening eyes. Unexpectedly, he didn't see the steaming breakfast. He frowned and his handsome face suddenly darkened with displeasure.

How could she learn to loaf after pregnancy? 'Well, this is the true face of that damn woman!'!

He glanced at the woman who was standing there, and dismissively looked away. Then he walked to the kitchen with a cold face.

When passing by, the person standing nearby suddenly retreated and bumped into him. Terence was knocked into by Hester without being noticed.

"You..." Terence's face darkened. He was about to scold her, but he vigilantly found that the woman in his arms was pale and trembling involuntarily.

His eyes flashed a hint of surprise, and his heart suddenly tightened. He hurriedly reached out to hold her petite body, with one hand on her face, and asked in a low voice, "What's wrong with you?"

The familiar breath triggered Hester's senses, and she gradually came to herself.

Fear appeared at the bottom of her eyes as her black pupils moved slightly. Her two small hands held the big hands at her jaw tightly, just like a drowning man clutched the last breath.

"Terence, we have already got the marriage certificate. I am your legitimate wife, right?" Her voice became hoarse due to lack of moisturize. The harsh sound was definitely heard by people, but it was heart breaking inexplicably.

Looking at her pale face, Terence sensed that something was wrong. He frowned and ordered the maid in a cold voice, "Call Dr. Alex and ask him to come to the villa immediately."

"Terence, answer me." Hester said anxiously. Knowing that Terence was caring about her, Hester was at a loss for her answer. But she still want to know the truth.

Terence lowered his head and stared at the stubborn little face with complex emotions. His cold heart was suddenly distracted. It was difficult to blurt out the answer, which was supposed to be decisive and disdainful.

Hester's clear eyes were twinkled with water, but she resisted from dropping one drop. Under her white eye sight, there were bleary red. She was feeling sore and aching, but she did not move away at all, quietly staring at the handsome man in front of her, her husband.

Noticing her stubbornness, Terence darkened his face with displeasure. he ordered a maid to come over and support Hester. T

hen he want to leave.

However, as soon as he turned around, her two little hands grasped his hand tightly. Fury rose in his heart. He looked at her coldly and frighteningly, only to see that she placed a newspaper in front of him.

The headline and the main character of the newspaper were him and Yam.

He narrowed his eyes and put the newspaper aside. He looked down at her with mockery in his eyes.

So, she was questioning him?

It was so funny. Who gave her the right to get angry with him? She was just the woman he had sex before. How could she think it was so ridiculous?

"Hester, the newspaper is right. I and Yam will soon be engaged. I tell you, I won't marry a disabled person and later threatened me with my mother's will to become my wife. You'd better be sensible and protect the baby in your belly well. He is useful to me. Maybe I can provide for you for a lifetime and let you live a comfortable life. "

Terence threw her hand off, turned around coldly and walked towards the door, boiling with rage. He mocked himself for his mercy to her just now.

This damn woman, greedy for more from him. She is such a bitch!

Hester stumbling back a few steps, and her thin waist hit the edge of the table. It was so painful that she gasped.

She raised her head, staring blankly at the leaving man with tears in her eyes. Those ruthless words were like a blunt knife, little by little stabbing into her heart. Her heart ached through.

Her lower abdomen suddenly ached, and her lower body was instantly wet and sticky, as if a warm stream was constantly moving down, and something was sliding down uncontrollably.

"Ah!" The maid came over and shouted in panic. They rushed towards Hester in panic. One of the maids rushed out to inform Terence in fright.

Hester couldn't hear the sounds around her, and when she saw the maids rushing over, her eyes blinked unimaginably.

She felt a dull pain in her body and felt feeble. Then she slipped and fell to the ground.

She bowed her head slightly and saw a pool of blood. She felt dizzy and her consciousness was gradually confused.

She struggled to open her eyes and touched her belly with her tender and white hand trembling. She whispered, "My baby... Terence, our baby, don't... "

Hester's eyelids twitched a little, and her consciousness became more and more blurred.

Outside the door, hearing the news from the maids who were caught, Terence's heart trembled. He jumped off the car and ran quickly into the house.

He precisely perceived the petite figure with his charming eyes. At this moment, she was not as vigorous as usual, and she did not have the stubbornness a moment ago. Lying in the blood, she was like a lifeless broken doll.

In the hospital, Terence stood outside the operating room with a serious look on his face. With a little anxiety in his eyes, his big hand, which fell by his side, clenched into a fist, revealing his current restlessness.

Hearing that Hester was in hospital, Austin hurriedly ran over without taking off his surgical gown.

He gently looked at the red light outside the operating room, with a pang in his heart.

He is Hester's attending physician, so he is very clear about her condition. Her body is very weak and dangerous, and now an accident suddenly occurred and she needs to be operated on

Austin turned to look at Terence, walked over angrily, and whispered: "I've told you that she is not fit for pregnancy, but for you, she insisted on having the baby. Is this how you take care of her? !"

"Terence, what have you done to her? !"

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