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   Chapter 25 It's Not Bad To Spend The Rest Of Life Like This

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She blinked her big clean eyes confusedly and looked at the TV. It was an international news.

"It's time for dinner Miss Hester, please come to the dining room now." The expressionless maid behind her stepped forward and reminded.

Hester nodded, and the corner of her eyes fell on the other maids. An unknown feeling suddenly rose in her heart.

Her lips trembled. And suddenly, the door opened. A slender figure was dragged down on the bright floor. Her eyes lit up, and raised her head in surprise.

"Welcome back, Terence." Her mouth twitched. Hester was very excited. They knew each other very well. She had wondered whether he would come back ahead of time today.

The maids all bowed respectfully with serious expressions.

With a gloomy face, Terence went upstairs directly, ignoring everyone.

Hester was stunned and twisted her eyebrows. She turned around and said to the maid who was taking care of her, "Lisa, I will have dinner later."

As soon as she finished her words, she went upstairs with a worried look.

"Get out!" The light footsteps behind made Terence more irritated, turning back and roaring.

Hester stopped her steps and quickly walked towards Terence without hesitation. She raised her lips, pulled his clothes corner gently with her little hand, and asked in a soft voice, "Terence, what happened? Can you tell me? "

She was his wife and she was responsible for sharing his happiness and worries.

With a mocking look, Terence stared at the petite woman in front of him and said.

"You are disabled and can't even take care of yourself. How could you help me? You'd better think over yourself. That's ridiculous."

Then he strode forward and irritably wanted to get rid of the people behind him to have a moment of peace.

Hester understood what he had said, but she insisted on following him until he reached his room.

In the quiet walls, the faint sound of footsteps like a magic sound, constantly provoking Terence's reason.

With his brows wrinkled, his handsome face darkened. He suddenly turned around, pulled rudely the woman behind him, and violently gnawed on the two beautiful lips, whom he ravaged with force to vent his anger.

Not long after, a faint smell of blood spread between their tongues.

The thin back hit the hard wall, and the dull pain and merciless kisses made her pretty face pale and her big black and white eyes showed fear.

Hester blinked, but did not dodge. She endured everything that Terence had done to her.

Hester sensed his anger and raised her hand to touch his strong back, comforting him in silence.

The tiny force, like a feather, was too soft to say a word, but it calmed Terence's restless mood gradually.

He frowned as he felt a pang of guilt and mixed feelings. Slowly, he loosened Hester and ended the kiss. The sweet taste on the tip of his tongue made him lose himself.

He pursed his thin lips and looked at Hester's pure and clear eyes with deep concern.

In the bright eyes reflected his clear figure. As if he were her whole world. His heart trembled slightly, he could not ignore it anymore.

In fact, she was disabled, but he could find the best doctor to cure her. It seemed that it was a good choice for them to live like this. At least she did not understand schemes, simple and naive.


you in love with the deaf?" The inquiry of Yam echoed in his ears, and the idea that Terence had in mind vanished in an instant.

Terence sneered and gazed at Hester. Complex emotions could be seen in his dark eyes.

At this moment, he didn't know whether to laugh at this woman in front of him, who overestimated herself to be his wife, or at the strange thoughts in his mind.

"Terence?" Hester cried softly. She was getting more and more worried when he was silent for a long time.

Terence's sharp eyes twinkled and the hidden emotions were all put away by him. The coldness and indifference he had always been, together with his abhorrence to her.

"This is not the place you can come in. Get out!"

Hester's lips were slightly open and hesitated, as if she had something to say. But under Terence's cold glare, she was kicked out.

"Bang!" the door was closed. Her beautiful nose innocently hit the cold door and her face slightly reddened.

Hester's eyes twinkled, and she touched her small nose with her hand. With her head hanging, she turned around and went downstairs, occasionally turning around, hoping that Terence would come out and chat with her, letting her see him.

At dusk, when Hester woke up, Terence had already returned to the company.

At night, Hester had waited until midnight. She yawned continuously, but she bear the sleepy mind. She wanted to wait for Terence at home.

"Lisa, can you call up Terence and ask when he will be home tonight?" Hester pleaded again, rubbing her heavy eyelids.

She wondered whether Terence had taken his dinner on time and whether he had drunk a lot of wine outside?

The young face was full of worries. She was worried about Terence's health condition and also felt sorry for his early work.

"Miss Hester, Mr. Terence has important meeting to attend. No one is allowed to interrupt him. Your evening break has been over for an hour. Please go back to your room at once, or I will tell everything to Mr. Terence. " The maid said in a cold voice, but her words were less mechanical and more popular.

Hester heaved a deep sigh and stood up to go back to her small room step by step.

It was a dark night. The moon on the top of the tree was hidden within the layers of clouds and mist. The light was dim and the atmosphere was gloomy. It was as if a cold wind was quickly stirring up and a storm was about to come.

Next morning, Hester got up early. She habitually opened the shoe cabinet, and saw the men's slippers which were normally put. But the blue shoes Terence wore at home were not in the room, and the corners of her lips were curved.

She turned around and walked to the kitchen in a light way, preparing breakfast for Terence.

There was an early newspaper of A city lying on the desk. When she passed, she cast a glance at it. Suddenly, her brisk footsteps were like filled with lead, making her unable to move at all.

With her trembling little hands, Hester picked up the newspaper on the table. Her eyes carefully skimmed over the headlines: the CEO of Qi group Mr. Terence, who were vigorous and resolute, declared that he was going to get married with the daughter of Ning family. Recently, they would hold a grand engagement ceremony.

Hester's eyes were wide open with fear when she saw the familiar figure in the photo.

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