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   Chapter 24 You Have Fallen In Love With Her

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 7123

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In an instant, there was an uproar in the media field. Then came various questions about the engagement venue.

With a cold expression on his face, he stared at Yam with his piercing eyes.

He could see through her father's mind, but he could not expose it. It was not the right time to break off the relations with the Ning family. The shareholders' meeting would be held soon that he had to consider the pros and cons.

"Everybody, Terence and I are still making our plans. After we decide the time and venue, we will invite all of you. Hope we can receive your best wishes." Yam replied briefly and gracefully.

Yam's father had achieved his goal. Seeing that Terence and Yam were besieged by reporters, he arranged security guards to escort them out.

The reporters followed them. Yam's father, on the other hand, stopped them and said to the guests in a loud and clear voice, "Please take it easy. My daughter has just promised that once the time is confirmed, I will inform you again. Please forgive her and keep silent. Please don't disturb the couple."

The two families, the Ning family and the Qi family, were of great importance in the city, not to mention the means they used to deal with.

Hearing this, reporters who wanted to fight for the first-hand news had to hold back their excitement. They could only wait until the engagement ceremony.

At the same time, the atmosphere between Terence and Yam, who were escorted into the car by security guards, was very heavy.

In the car, Yam fidgeted in her seat. She turned her head cautiously to look at the poker faced Terence. After a long while, she couldn't hold back her temper. She leaned over him and said with a sweet smile, "Terence, isn't our engagement a matter of time? Don't be angry."

Terence casted a cold glance at that delicate and charming face, however, without any admiration.

"How dare you scheme against me? " Pulling the woman out of his arms, he said in a mocking tone.

Hearing that he didn't show his dissatisfaction with the press conference arranged by the Ning family directly, Yam thought for a while and believed that Terence was angry because he had been fooled.

Blinking her charming eyes, Yam wisely shook her head and said, "Terence, don't get me wrong. I just want to help you. Once the news of our engagement is announced, the old shareholders of the board of directors will no longer dare to shout at you or force you to get down. "

His eyes darkened like two deep and unfathomable pools.

Casting a cold glance at Yam, he suddenly pinched her chin with his big hand, and said with a cold voice, "Who told you that? I'm not interested in it, but you shouldn't have challenged me like that."

"Terence, it hurts! Let go of me!" The strength on her chin seemed to crush her bones. When she heard his cold words, she felt guilty and avoided the eye contact with him. She was so painful that tears burst out of her eyes, and she shouted out loud.

With a snort, he let go of her in disdain.

She couldn't control her chin because of the heavy physical strength. She quickly took out a mirror to check if her chin was hurt.

Looking at herself in the mirror, there were clear fingerprints on her fair skin. When she thought of that Terence really slapped her, she felt angry, but she dared not lose her temper on him.

She turned around and said in a soft and pitiful voice, "Terence, now everything is settled. Even if we announce to dissolve the engagement, no one will believe it, and on the contrary, it

will affect the company's share price. You know it better than me."

"So, is this your trick?" "Don't try to fool me, Yam. It's none of your business." Terence sneered.

Yam couldn't bear. She was born into a wealthy family, and her bad temper was only restrained in front of her beloved man.

However, she had refused by Terence again and again, and he even kept a straight face at her. Besides, she hated Hester very much, so all the negative emotions had been loaded in her heart. She just couldn't stand it.

She raised her head, and asked him, "Terence, daddy and I are doing this for you. We've helped you a lot. Why don't you thank us? Terence, you never treated me like this before. Are you angry because I cheat you or because you fall in love with that deaf? "

She was trembling with anger, and she was scared as well. If Terence didn't love her, how could she win his heart back?

Terence turned around and looked at her coldly. There were mixed feelings in his eyes. He compressed his lips and did not answer immediately.

Yam's heart skipped a beat. She grabbed the corner of his clothes, forced a smile and said, "I, I was just kidding. She was so lowly as to threaten you with aunt Qi's will. How could she deserve you?"

"You must be tired. Let the driver take you home." With a deep and cold expression on his handsome face, Terence cast a glance at her and stopped talking.

Yam opened her mouth slightly, but obviously, she could not take it as Terence was in no mood to talk to her. However, his hesitation had made her vigilant. It seemed that her doubt was confirmed silently.

In front of the villa, Yam had just got off the car. Before she could turn back, Terence ordered the driver to leave.

As the car disappeared from her sight, she gnashed her teeth in anger and a trace of viciousness appeared in her enchanting eyes.

"Terence, you belong to me and so does the position of your wifei. No one can take it away from me!" Yam gnashed her teeth in hatred.

The garden of Qi's house, bathed in the warm sunshine, adding a touch of rosy glow in the colorful, like a paradise on earth.

Hester stood in the garden, touching her flat abdomen with her little hands. Her beautiful face was shining with a brighter light than the sunlight.

However, after she was pregnant, she was very tired. After standing for a while, she had already felt a trace of fatigue. She turned around dejectedly and walked into the room, looking a bit stunned.

As soon as she entered the door, she took a look at the door confusedly with her big black and white eyes. Then, with a smile on her cherry lips, she lowered her head and said to her belly, "Baby, I missed your daddy so much that I was in a daze. I thought your daddy had come back. He should still be working now."

The maid in charge of her daily life came over coldly, reminding her to eat the nutritious food for the fetus.

Hester walked towards the dining room without asking the maid to make a sound.

When she passed the living room, she saw several maids standing in front of the TV, talking about something at a high speed.

"It's so pathetic. If Miss Hester knew it, she would be heartbroken." One of the maids sighed. She was suddenly hit by a maid's elbow. When she raised her head, she saw Hester looking at her with curiosity. Her face turned.

Knowing she couldn't hear, they didn't worry about being heard.

However, when the maids thought of the news that was broadcast on the TV, they looked at Hester with sympathy.

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