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   Chapter 23 Plot, A Press Conference

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As soon as Yam returned home, she met her father, who was about to go out.

However, her father smartly scanned her from head to toe. Frowning, he warned her in a deep and displeased voice, "keep your distance from Terence. Qi group is going to have a big change. I'll find you a better husband. "

She is the daughter of the Ning family. How could she marry a man who is good for nothing.

Yam was taken aback. She didn't expect that her father would eliminate Terence from the competition so soon. It seemed that the problem of Qi group was more serious than she had heard.

Yam turned to her father and thought of the secret she heard just now. She raised her lips and acted like a spoiled child. She held her father's hand and said with a sweet smile, "Dad, I swear that I won't marry anyone except for Terence. I don't want other men. Don't worry. I have good news for you. "

Her father's face darkened before. When he saw her happy face, his eyes twinkled with hope.

Then, they both went into the study room. Yam told her father in detail the information she had gotten from Dr. Alex.

"Daddy, Terence got the share transfer agreement. With the help of us, I believe no one can bring him down." Yam said confidently.

She didn't know much about management and business. She just had a high sense of honor in her family and believed that the Ning family was powerful, unshakable. As for the man she admired and adored, Terence was the most powerful man among the powerhouses. No one could defeat him.

Anyone who cooperated with each other would know that the cooperation is powerful.

"Honey, is your news true?" Yam's father asked cautiously.

Yam nodded her head and answered firmly, "Daddy, Alex told me all these. He knows the woman's condition and Terence's thought the most. Don't worry. It's true."

Of course, her pride was more from Alex's years of secret love and forbearance. The toad wanted to swallow the swan meat, but she did not want to give him a treat.

So she believed that Alex wouldn't lie to her. Compared with him, she couldn't help thinking of Terence. She had followed him for many years, but she never heard his commitment to her.

But the lowly deaf man, who stepped in front of her, not only threatened him to marry her, but also be pregnant, and let her become the lover status... Clearly, she is a noble girl. Why should she compete with a bitch! She can't let her go. '

"Daddy, I want the deaf to leave Terence forever!" Said Yam resentfully.

"Sweetie, only you are qualified to be the hostess of Qi family. But you can't hurt that woman now. I'll have her killed after Terence gets the share transfer certificate. " Yam's father comforted her with a smile.

Guaranteed by her father, Yam was overjoyed and she was sure to become Terence's wife that everyone admired.

With a glint of slyness flashing in his eyes, Yam's father sat in his chair and said, "Sweetie, you are responsible for taking Terence to the news conference this afternoon. I will announce your engagement in public."

Now, as a member of Qi family, Terence was having an affair with that woman. As soon as the engagement

news came out, Yam could keep a stable position in Qi family. Then, he can propose to have a caesarean section to remove that woman's last value in use, Terence could successfully obtain the right to inherit the Qi family's property. As a father-in-law, as well as a meritorious person, so he would definitely get the biggest profit as well as the long-term interests.

The plan of Yam's father could be said as killing two birds with one stone.

Yam was stunned for a while. She didn't expect that her father's deeper intention. Fearing that Terence would get furious if he knew he had been cheated, she asked nervously, "Daddy, it's not easy to control Terence. If we act first and report to him later, it will be like drawing water with a sieve."

Once Terence got angry, the dream of being his wife would be shattered.

Yam's father laughed aloud and thought her idea was too simple. Did Terence only have a use for him that he asked Yam to seduce him?

A marriage without profit was a failure.

"Sweetie, what Terence lacked most now is Qi group's shares. I thought Ning family's shares would be the dowry of your engagement, he had no reason to refuse. Don't you want to marry him as soon as possible? " He narrowed his eyes and thought crafty.

Yam's eyes lit up and her doubts were dispelled at once. She was, indeed, a woman in love with Terence, and dreamed of becoming his wife.

She sincerely accepted his arrangement and said in a spoiled tone, "Daddy, you are so kind to me. I am so touched."

Yam's father touched Yam's head lovingly and smiled, "Sweetie, I'll pave the way for you in the future, but you have to be braver. No matter what kind of method you are going to use, you must get pregnant with the child of Terence as soon as possible. Okay?"

Yam giggled and nodded. She vowed solemnly, "Daddy, I will listen to you. Don't worry. No one can take away mine and my family belongings. "

After hearing that, Yam's father nodded with satisfaction.

In Qi group, Yam smoothly walked into the CEO's office.

As soon as he finished his work, Terence glared at her with his sharp eyes, darkened his handsome face and said in an unfriendly tone: "What are you doing here?"

He hated to be disturbed in work. However, the woman, whom he hadn't contacted before, came to him voluntarily, which was regarded as harassment. If it weren't for the Ning family, he would have already asked the security guards to drive Yam out.

Yam walked over, twisting her slim waist. She sat on Terence's straight thighs with her buttocks up. She stretched out her arms and wrapped them around his neck, breathing like the orchid. "Terence, there's an important news conference this afternoon. Put your work aside and come with me please."

Terence frowned and squinted her eyes, saying in a cold voice, "A press conference? I don't have this on my schedule."

A sharp cold light burst out from the corner of her eyes, and Yam suddenly became restless.

Unable to bear the pressure, Yam stood up and forced a smile. "Terence, this is a surprise. I can't tell you in advance."

"Hope I can be happy instead of being shocked." Terence looked at Yam deeply.

The press conference was held in a luxurious and spacious five-star conference room. Hundreds of well-known media were invited with a huge scene.

As soon as they came out, the light on them was on.

The man was handsome and the woman was beautiful. They walked to the red carpet, just like a perfect couple.

Arm in arm, Yam led Terence onto the stage and stood side by side with her father.

With knitted brows, Terence looked around with his sharp and frightening eyes and sensed something wrong.

Before they could stand still, Yam's father announced to everyone, "There's a big thing today to share with you. My daughter Yam is in love with the CEO of Qi group, Terence. They are officially engaged now!"

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