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   Chapter 22 Dr. Yang's Secret

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The crying of his loved woman was ringing in Alex's ears. He couldn't hide the heartache in his heart anymore and comforted her softly.

"Alex, don't deceive me. Terence hasn't contacted me for a long time since that woman was pregnant Do you think that Terence abandoned me? " Yam choked with sobs. Her pretty face looked pitiful.

Alex patted her back to comfort her. Hearing her words, he curled up his fingers and smiled, "Miss Yam, recently the general shareholder's meeting has been putting pressure on Mr. Terence. There is also internal chaos. I believe you've heard it. Mr. Terence is too busy. He cares so much about his career that he ignores you."

Her charming eyes blinked, and a few tears fell on her long eyelashes.

"Really? No, Terence has already let that woman bear his child. She will replace me and obtain all the love of Terence, right? " Yam thought in confusion and then shook her head. She looked desperate and excited.

In a hurry, Alex reached out and held her head, feeling sorry for her.

"No, you misunderstood. Mr. Terence doesn't love Miss Hester. The day before yesterday, Mr. Terence gathered many experts to have a meeting. He told us to get the DNA sample of Miss Hester's unborn child as soon as possible. " A smile crept onto Alex's face.

Startled, Yam looked at Dr. Alex in confusion and asked with tears, "Why must Terence choose that deaf?"

She could also give him a child, and they could take DNA samples of their child. She was willing to take as much as he wanted.

Wiping the tears from her little face, Dr. Alex said helplessly, "Mrs. Qi requested in her will that Mr. Terence

must marry Miss Hester, and they should have their baby. Only with the child's DNA sample with Miss Hester can unlock Mrs. Qi's safety lock and get the share transfer agreement. "

In the same rich family, Yam was, of course, clear about the importance of shares to Terence.

However, did the hard work she had dreamed of since her childhood have to be easily replaced by a disabled woman?

"Hey, Alex. That woman is Terence's wife? Are you kidding me? I've never heard of it. " When she heard the truth, the heartbroken she pretended became completely. She grabbed Dr. Alex's sleeve with both hands, looking at him with tearful eyes, hoping that he could deny.

With knitted brows, Dr. Alex looked back at Yam worriedly and lovingly. He didn't want to lie to his beloved woman, so he gnashed his teeth and nodded.

Yam narrowed her eyes and stared at the luxurious gate, lost in thought. Then she realized that she might not be the one in charge.

"Why? Obviously, Terence and I are in love. Only because of Mrs. Qi's will, she can take away the position I have been working hard for? Alex, I hate her! Why would she appear in Terence's sight and deliberately threaten him with aunt Qi to get away from us? She is really a bad woman. She... "

Yam cried out. She threw herself into Dr. Alex's arms.

Before long, the shirt on his chest was wet by tears. The hot touch made his heart tremble.

Alex put his arms around her shoulders. Seeing her choking with sobs, he felt as if a knife were piercing his heart. He consoled her urgently, but he couldn't stop her from crying.

"Alex, she has always been dreaming of being the wife of Terence. Now that she is pregnant, she will definitely use the child to threaten Terence in the future. But I have nothing... I can't live without Terence. Alex, what should I do... Alex... " Yam lowered her head and sobbed.

"Yam, be strong. Maybe you

and Mr. Terence aren't meant to be together," Alex said gently. You are a kind and nice girl. There are many men who are willing to fall in love with you. "

Just like him, he had been deeply in love with her for so many years, but she had never turned back to look at him.

Alex's hesitation caught Yam's attention. Having known love for a long time, Yam clearly knew his love for her. The charming eyes squinted, and an idea came into her mind.

"Alex, don't lie to me! She threatened Terence to marry her with the help of his mother. Now that she had even given birth to a baby, there was no place for me in this family! And Terence don't want me anymore... Without him, I can't live... " Yam bit her lip and cried out desperately.

She said emotionally, but no matter how Alex tried to comfort her, it didn't work.

"Yam, calm down. In fact, there is still a chance... " Said Dr. Alex hurriedly. He was afraid that she would do something stupid on the spur of the moment.

Yam was startled. Seeing his hesitation, she grasped his hand and asked expectantly, "Alex, you can help me, can you?"

At the sight of her bright eyes, Dr. Alex's heart softened.

"Mr. Terence asks us to take out the baby's DNA sample in a week, and the fastest way is to take it out from a C-section (Caesarean) test, and then get the sample. However, since the child was only two weeks old and the mother was weak, it was hard to keep the child after the operation, which would damage the mother greatly. Miss Hester cares about her baby very much. If... There is no cure for the gap between her and Mr. Terence. "

"It's too cruel," Yam frowned and looked terrified.

She lowered her head slightly and covered her lips tightly with her two hands, as if she could not accept what she had done. However, her charming eyes were being soaked with a cold, sinister light, which indicated her secretive delightment.

After getting rid of that baby, the deaf was no longer useful. She would like to see how the deaf could rely on Mrs Qi's will to continue staying with Terence?

Alex sighed helplessly.

He bowed his head and lovingly looked at the stunned woman. He softly smiled and said, "Yam, you are too kind. No one can stop what Mr. Terence is going to do. Besides, he doesn't love Miss Hester. The child was originally in the plan, so it may not be good for Miss Hester and Mr. Terence to leave it. "

"Alex, will Terence accept it?" Yam raised her head and asked in a seemingly uneasy tone.

Dr. Alex shook his head with uncertainty.

Her charming little face turned a little gloomy, and her eyes were filled with hatred. She was eager to ask Terence, since he didn't care about the deaf, why did he still protect her?

"If there is no better way, C-section is the fastest way to get DNA samples." Dr. Alex sighed.

"I want a better solution." Yam bit her lower lip, pretending to be worried.

After they chatted for a while, Yam got in the car and left.

After she left, Dr. Alex walked into the luxurious villa with a gloomy face.

In the car, Yam took out a silk handkerchief and wiped the tears off her face. She fixed her makeup pleasantly and kept on wearing exquisite makeup, with her lips always upturned.

She was the final winner!

Yam hurried back to Ning family. She had to tell this to her father, so that she could make Terence move as soon as possible.

Once the operation was successful, she believed that the deaf had no place to stay in Qi family, and no one could threaten her to be Terence's wife.

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