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   Chapter 21 Yam, You Crossed The Line

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When he rolled up his wrinkled shirt, he smelt the inviting aroma which made him annoyed. He got up, threw her hand off, strode to the window and pushed the door open.

The fresh air mixed with light fragrance of flowers blew away the man-made fragrance in the room. He took a deep breath, and the natural and charming fragrance and Hester's delicate but soft body appeared in his mind.

On the desk, Yam's hand fell in the air embarrassedly. She stared blankly at the tall man by the window and quickly took her hand back. Her charming face lowered slightly, and her long and narrow eyes were staring at him in a hazy way. She pursed her lips tightly. Her hands, which were at the two sides of the desk, could not help but clasp the edge of the desk tightly.

"Yam, you crossed the line." The cold and indifferent voice sounded slowly, calm and moody, but with an unquestionable killing spirit.

Startled, Yam realized that she had already infuriated him.

However, she was the second daughter of the Ning family. She humbly begged him to be his lover for so many years, but he hadn't even given her a promise yet. Wasn't he allowed her to fight for it?

She only wanted a child. Why didn't he give it to her? Why did he prefer to get a poor, crippled woman?

Although full of resentment, Yam didn't dare to yell or question him.

She bit her lips tightly and looked up. As she sensed his warning, her heart trembled. She quickly lowered her head and did not dare to look at him again.

Terence looked back with his sharp eyes and drew them back without a sound.

Sometimes, he hoped that Yam would be as strong and stubborn as Hester, instead of being scared or brainless to beg him.

A moment later, Terence pressed the cigar in his hand to the crystal ashtray, and said expressionlessly, "There are a lot of things to deal with in the company, so I arrange a driver to send you home."

He was ordering her to leave.

Yam's face became pale. She had stayed overnight in the villa, and had never been dismissed.

She was extremely reluctant, but she dared not disagree with him.

She wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, her gesture so soft that made people feel pitiful, but there was no expression on Terence's face.

"Terence, I'll ask dad to help you when I get back. I'm sure he'll be on your side. Don't worry." Yam gnashed her teeth, full of concern, for she knew that she couldn't offend him now.

Then she got up and walked out of the study room.

As soon as the door of the study was closed, the smile on Yam's lips immediately disappeared. She vulture turned back and glared at the door. Her blood was rolling, and she could not calm down after a long time.

She was too proud to be bullied by a lowly woman. She must think of a flawless solution.

There was a bit of viciousness in her charming eyes. She lifted her foot and walked away ferociously.

After she left, Hester went upstairs to the study room and knocked at the door.

In the study room, Terence looked up with a cold expression. he stared at the closed door with his charming eyes. After a few seconds of silence, he replied: "Come in."

Hester was the only person who could knock at the door so rhythmically.

Hester cautiously held the tray, opened the door and walked in.

"I have had it outside. Take it away." Terence smelled an aroma of the dishes, then he said discontentedy.

Hester hesitated, gritted her teeth and walked to the sofa. She carried the dishes on the table an

d said softly, "Terence, these are all your favorite. I know you are busy with your work, but without meal, you wouldn't have energy to finish the work. Please eat them while they're hot."

Hester knew that he had eaten it before. But, the moment she entered the room, the faint smell of alcohol told her that he only drank.

Hester was asked to take care of Terence. She was very clear about his picky eaters and would not eat much food outside.

Hester raised her head and looked at the gloomy face with her bright eyes. She smiled and said patiently, "Terence, your stomach is not good. You have to eat on time every time. You'd better drink less outside. Alcohol is harmful to your stomach. "

"Shut up! Get out! " Scolded Terence unhappily.

Did she really think having his baby will became his wife? How dare she issue such a rule against him?

Her thick eyelashes trembled, but she stood still stubbornly, not willing to leave.

She murmured and said resolutely, "I'll go out after you finish eating."

With knitted brows, Terence was furious. There were two tiny figures reflected in his cold and ferocious eyes.

Suddenly, he noticed Hester's hand on the lower abdomen. His cold sight fell slowly to the flat stomach. There was an inexplicable strange feeling in his heart. The cold and stiff heart could not help but soften a little.

He stood up and stepped to the sofa with his long legs.

Hester was excited and quickly handed the jade chopsticks to him.

"If you don't want to go out, just sit down. Don't block my sight," said Terence with frown eyebrows, looking at the woman standing in front of him

Hester had not been seen him for several days, so she would not go out. She was sitting on the sofa in front of him. Her big eyes were with a deep smile, and her beautiful face was filled with faint happiness.

Hester carried the dishes and left after dinner. She made a cup of hot tea and placed it at a corner of the table before leaving quietly.

It was probably the happiest moment for Hester in recent years.

But when she thought back in the future, she could only feel ironic.

"Miss Hester, Dr. Alex has arrived. Please go to your room and get ready for the examination." The maid walked out with a cold face, reminding Hester.

"Okay, I know." Hester nodded with a smile and followed the maid into the room where they prepared all kinds of medical devices.

At the same time, outside the villa, Yam was leaning in Dr. Alex's arms, crying.

As soon as she left the door, she ran into Dr. Alex.

Seeing her red and swollen eyes, Dr. Alex felt his heart was pierced blood, but he could only restrain himself.

But this time, when she saw him, she didn't avoid or avoid him with disdain as usual, but hugged him closely.

"Miss Yam, we can't..." Alex was clear that Yam was the woman of Terence, and more clear about her feelings for Terence. So he whispered to remind her.

"Don't push me away, Alex. I'm so scared. Can you hold me in your arms?" A sly idea came into Yam's mind, and she sobbed pitifully.

All of a sudden, the hard-earned courage that Alex had finally mustered was lost. One of his long arms could not help but hold the woman who he had a secret crush on for many years tightly, while sniffing her breath greedily.

"Alex, what should I do?" With a hint of disgust in her eyes, Yam leaned her head against his chest and asked weakly.

As a family doctor, if she wanted to do something to Hester, Alex would be a sharp blade.

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