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   Chapter 20 A Wishful Thinking

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Hester bowed her head and looked at the paper bag which was bulging on the table. Her felt so sad that the eyelashes of her like a small fan trembled slightly.

Since Terence didn't come back these days, did he live with Yam all the time?

Did he forget that she was his wife?

Hester trembled and reached out her hand, slowly trying to take the paper bag. However, the pain from her chest made her head blank. Countless questions surrounded her heart, and she felt heart broken.

The moment her little hand touched the paper bag, the door just opened. As if she had felt it, she shook her finger and suddenly raised her head.

Hester's heart was racing at this moment. She was so infatuated with Terence that she had kept every detail of her beloved man in mind.

At the same time, her big eyes were full of expectation and happiness. She grinned innocently and smiled happily.

As soon as Terence looked up, he saw Yam, who was sitting on the sofa with a stooped Hester, standing beside her.

With a frown, he stared at them aggressively.

"Terence, you're back!" Yam excitedly got up, trotted to the face of Terence, and deliberately blocked the sight behind.

A taste of man-made perfume assailed his nose, and a touch of disgust quickly flashed in Terence's eyes. Before her arms touched him, he ordered in a cold voice: "Follow me."

Then he strode up the stairs without giving Hester a glance.

Hester was standing behind Yam, watching the tall and slender figure gradually disappear at the corner, but he did not turn around to look at her at all. Her eyes lowered slightly, and a shadow fell under her thick and white eyelashes, hiding the sadness and disappointment in her eyes.

Upon hearing Terence's words, Yam was overjoyed. She lifted her hand and flipped her long claret hair. With a disdainful look, she ridiculed at a Hester standing beside her, "Humph, people like you want to step into upper class? What a joke!."

Then, she looked Hester up and down and gave a snort of contempt deliberately. Then she raised her head and swayed her snake waist, passing past Hester with a proud posture as a victor, and followed Terence into the study room.

In the sullen study, Yam pushed the door open and came in with a smile. She wriggled her body and took the initiative to get close to Terence's charming body.

"Terence, I miss you so much." A sweet, coquettish voice sounded in the room. The seriousness in the room was instantly replaced by ambiguity.

Terence hasn't called her for days. As soon as they came back to the villa today, he asked her to go to his study room, in which there was only a man and a woman in the enclosed room. So, of course, he had to... he wanted to make love.

Terence didn't move. On the contrary, Yam began to take off her clothes in excitement. She was engrossed in her work.

A strong fragrance swept over, and he frowned. His cold charming eyes coldly stared at the delicate and charming woman in front of him. There was no emotion in his eyes, and his mind was lingering on the scene when he entered the room.

Yam sat arrogantly, while the woman stood there, with a little sadness on her face and a trembling petite body. At that moment, his chest was inexplicably grabbed and slightly hurt.

Without hesitation, he pushed the woman away and asked coldly, "Why did you come to see her?"

Yam fell to the ground. Befo

re she came to her senses, she heard his words and couldn't help but tremble with fear.

The enchanting aura on her face quickly cooled down. Her eyes were wide open and she looked at the handsome man surprisedly, holding the blanket under her tightly with both hands, and she felt indignant in her heart.

They hadn't seen each other for days. How could he scold her as soon as they met? Was he already tired of her?

No, it must be the deaf who was pregnant. He was afraid that she would hurt the baby, so he was so nervous, not to give up on her

Yam winked her charming eyes. Tears welled up in her eyes. She bit her red lips, and her tears were about to fall. She said pitifully, "Terence, I heard that there was something wrong with your company, so I came here to help. You..."

She raised her seductive hand and covered her chest with it. She squinted at him from the corner of her eye and saw his face turned good. Then she added: "Terence, my father is also a big shareholder of the company. I believe with his help, we can work together forever, and you will soon get through the difficulties."

Yam carefully observed the handsome face. Seeing that the coldness on his face gradually disappeared and his expression softened, she was elated.

Terence was lukewarm towards her, but she knew that he would not refuse her as long as it would help with his career.

Her father happened to be a major shareholder of Qi group. After weighing the pros and cons, he would definitely cherish her.

Only she could help him with his company. Apart from her, no one could be Terence's wife. That deaf? Humph!

Yam lowered her head, her charming eyes rolling, with a vicious cold light flashing in her eyes. She had to hurry up to kill the baby in the deaf woman... In this case, only she was qualified to have the baby.

Hearing that, Terence turned his deep and dark eyes to the pitiful woman on the ground. His handsome face looked a little warm, but his eyes were filled with awe and ridicule, which disappeared in an instant.

Absorbed in her own schemes, Yam didn't notice the detail. She looked up at him for a moment, thinking that what she said would work. Then she slowly got up and walked back to him.

Slender waist twisted, she didn't dare to sit on the straight thighs, but sat on the desk.

She stretched out her slender hands and slowly slid them up and down through the thin shirt, seducing him.

"Terence, do you like children? Our baby must be the most handsome, smart and adorable in the world, right? " Yam gazed at Terence fondly, giving him a hint.

I can give birth to a baby for you, too, as long as you agree

She didn't think that someone will threaten her position until she knew that Hester was pregnant. Hester was very precious because of her son, and she was afraid that her dream would be shattered if Hester gave birth to a son.

She would never allow such an accident to happen.

She had never been in such a hurry to consolidate her position by taking advantage of everything, but she hadn't been called by Terence for a long time. In that case, how could she have the chance to conceive his child?

Terence looked at her coldly and did not answer. But silence was the best refusal.

Yam couldn't help but get nervous. She grasped his clothes and asked him, regardless of her image, "Terence, don't you want me to have a baby with you?"

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