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   Chapter 19 I Am The One He Loved Most!

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'Hester?' How dare he called her in such an intimate way.

"Dr. Austin, you can't be frank and repeated other's advice. Your reply was none of creation, which indicated your lack of confidence," said Terence, his cold and terrifying light shooting at Austin

"Mr. Terence, it's just my suggestion. It all depends on you." The corners of Austin's mouth curved upwards smoothly, and his face was neither humble nor pushy.

"Well, everyone here understand my requirements. I give you a week. No matter what method you use, I want to see the complete DNA sample!" Terence said in a cold voice, directly rebuke Austin's proposal in front of everyone. He made him embarrassed.

As soon as his words faded away, the people present nodded in agreement, but no one dared to respond.

With knitted brows and gloomy face, Terence left unhappily.

As a result, the meeting failed to carry out Terence's goal. As soon as he left, all the others left.

Austin stared at the receding figure with mixed feelings.

He was sad for Hester falling in love with a cold and indifferent man, but at the same time he was excited that he would still have a chance of winning his girl back.

"Austin, come to my office with me." The dean stopped Austin in an unfriendly tone, walking in front with the medical records.

Austin stood up in silence and followed. Undoubtedly, the dean was going to give him a lesson.

As soon as they got out of the hospital, Terence asked the driver to drive them to the company. He hadn't got the share transfer agreement, so he didn't have the right to inherit it. However, he had to deal with those old guys who were fighting against each other. Otherwise, he would lose his share.

In the history, the war between the company and the family was always tied together. If he lost money, he not only lost the company.

He would never let Mike to snatch his thing, no matter it was the company or...

Suddenly, he remembered that last time when Mike came into the room, talking and laughing with Hester, he felt uncomfortable abruptly and his face darkened.

Humph, how dare he covet his woman!

Qi group was established in two different factions. It was a great challenge to Terence. At the same time, inside the villa, there were unexpected visitors, which made people feel uneasy.

Hester had not been out of the villa since she had returned from the hospital the other day. She had been wise enough not to mention a word, even if she wanted to go out at the moment.

Hester had never thought of being a strong woman. Her dream was to become a perfect wife who loved Terence most and to take care of his life.

But she didn't realize that she had been completely isolated from the society until she woke up. She even lost the ability to survive in a strange place.

Hester was devastated, but she knew that Terence didn't like her to go out, so she suppressed her anxiety and confusion and was willing to stay in the villa.

At dusk, the sun rose to the horizon and the sky was covered with clouds. People couldn't help but sigh and admire it.

In the huge and gorgeous garden, a petite figure stood there. Her little face looked up, her big black and white eyes were as bright as stars, her cherry lips curved up, and her little hand gently touched her flat lower abdomen.

The ambience was peaceful and relaxing.

"Miss Hester, it's time to go inside. Dr. Alex will check you up tonight." Behind her, the maid said calmly, as cold as ice.

Hester nodded and turned around. She looked back at the magnificent sky before she lifted

her foot and slowed down.

As soon as she entered the living room, Yam followed her in swaggeringly.

Hester turned her head and was confused when she saw the woman who had once done an intimate marriage with Terence.

"Miss Yam, Terence is not at home, you..." Hester said softly.

"What? Can't I come here if Terence isn't at home? Who regulates it? Is Terence or you, the maid, decide without the master's consent? " Yam turned her head and looked at Hester with her beautiful eyes contemptuously.

Her sight gradually went down, and she looked at the flat abdomen unscrupulously. Her eyes narrowed, and a strong hatred and disgust came overwhelming.

Feeling her unknown hostility, Hester turned her body to avoid Yam's gaze.

"Are you pregnant?" Yam ground her teeth and gave a murderous look.

Hester realized that her gaze was not kind, even she felt dangerous, she still answered cautiously, "Yes." She lowered her head and looked at her belly tenderly. Happiness could not be hidden in her little face. "The baby is only two weeks old. It was an unexpected surprise for me and Terence."

With a gloomy face, Yam stared at her.

She asked someone to investigate which woman had given birth to Terence's son. She didn't expect that the bitch was with him now. A deaf surpassed her and was pregnant with a valuable baby?

If it was someone much better than her, Yam would feel ashamed of herself. She might not hate the lady very much, but she could not accept the fact that an inferior disabled woman could easily take away the thing she wanted the most.

Yam turned around and sat on the main seat of the sofa as guest. It was the seat that Terence often sat on.

"Terence don't like other people sitting at his seat. You can find another one." Hester's eyebrows furrowed, then she made a kind reminder, however, the reminder stimulated Yam more.

When Yam turned around, she saw Hester's smile which she thought was deliberate, and once again she looked at the small hand on her belly. The sense of anger and humiliation occupied her mind, and she almost picked up the fruit knife on the table and stabbed her in the abdomen heavily, killing the bastard in it.

However, she knew clearly that she would pay a terrible price for her impulse.

"I'm not someone else. I'm Terence's beloved woman, his close partner. Listen, I don't know how you managed to get into Terence's bed. It happened that you were pregnant. But I'm the only woman, I will be his wife, standing beside Terence, and this will never change. " Yam cast a scornful glance at Hester.

Hester's mouth was tightened. She was more and more confused about what Yam said.

Eyebrows frowned, eyes clear, she said angrily, "Miss Yam, I have gotten the marriage certificate with Terence. I am his rightful wife."

Yam was surprised that the bullies knew how to fight back.

Hester bit her lips and stared at Yam's seat with her eyes wide open. She said firmly, "please sit on another sofa. If you break the rules of the villa, please leave at once. You are not welcomed here. "

Although her voice was soft, she sounded determined and unyielding.

Hearing her scolding, Yam was furious.

There was a vicious look in her eyes. Yam threw the paper bag to the table, and leisurely admired the latest manicure on her hand. She ordered as a hostess, "There are underpants of Terence in the bag. Wash them clean and then give me the tidy clothes. I'll take them back later."

When she understood what Yam meant, Hester dark pupils constricted and her beautiful face turned pale at once.

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