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   Chapter 18 That Damned Woman

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With a cold face and terribly cold eyes, Terence felt very irritated.

'He never expected that his mother would be so ruthless. What was she planning? She even wanted to get him, the only child of her...'

Humph, she is really a person who will not let others have a better life after death. Her means are superb.

"Sean, when my mother entrusted this to you, perhaps you would hear her insist on letting me marry Hester and ask us to have the reason to give birth to our child?"

He was extremely angry at the feeling of being controlled by someone, especially the man who had been dead, even if that person was the woman who gave him life.

"Mr. Terence, I'm a lawyer. Mrs. Qi only entrusted me with the task and asked me to carry it out after her death. For other things, I know nothing."

Sean had no choice but to force a smiling face. He could do nothing but to bear the bitterness.

Just then, the temperature in the room quickly fell again, and the coldness swept from all directions. It went into people's bones, as if to freeze people.

The corners of Sean's mouth twitched, and his waist bent unconsciously. His body stiffened like a stone.

"I hope every word you said is true. Otherwise, the consequence..." Terence's thin lips opened, and his words were not complete, leaving the blank, which was more frightening.

Sean couldn't help trembling and lowering his head.

As soon as Terence stood up and strode towards his office with a dreadful look on his face, Sean hurriedly ushered him into the office.

In the car, Terence was thinking about the harsh scene in the hospital, with a dangerous squint in his charming eyes, a flame of anger welling up in his chest. He was so angry that he wanted to go back to the villa and strangled Hester.

Damn it! If he hadn't come in time, she would have cuckolded him.

But did he have to let the disabled woman give birth to his child if he wanted to get the right to inherit?

No, he wouldn't allow a woman to threaten him with her baby.

He took out his phone and dialed a number. "Gather the authoritative gynecologists. I have something important to tell them," he ordered in a cold voice

Then he hung up the phone, the driver started the car and drove to the hospital.

Half an hour later, a group of experts gathered in a senior meeting room in the hospital, as well as a lawyer Sean in charge of Mrs. Qi's will.

The man on the main seat was majestic and overbearing, and he frightened all the people present without saying a word.

Sitting on a seat on the left of the conference table, Austin looked gentle and his eyes were gloomy. He glanced at the man who was like a king indifferently.

Terence looked at him coldly. He was not surprised to see him and turned back without any expression on his handsome face.

The dean, who was sitting in front of them, was now sweating heavily. He wiped the sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief, carefully observing the face of Terence, and was secretly very angry at Austin's sudden appearance who didn't listen to his advice.

"We are going to take the sample of the fetus's blood as soon as possible. Please present experts to offer useful solutions." As a family doctor of Qi family, Dr. Alex said to everyone present.

Then, everyone lowered their head and looked at their cases with different expressions.

The case showed that they should get the baby's DNA sample from the mother immediately, but the surgery was too risky, and no one could guarantee the safety of the baby and the pregnant woman, even if they had to save one.

All the doctors on the spot knew the risks of surgeries. They would have a try usually, but at present, an op

eration was concerning about the powerful Terence in A city, so no one was sure.

Therefore. None of the people present dared to stand out. They were all silent, afraid that they would be vented if they said a word.

All of a sudden, the meeting room fell into dead silence, without even a word of discussion. With cold eyes, Terence glanced at them one by one. His thin lips were pursed. Seeing that they didn't propose, his handsome face seemed gloomy.

The case was related to Hester and the fetus, and Austin was very familiar with it.

In personal, he refused Hester to give birth to a child. After all, she was very weak and hadn't the ability to give birth to a child yet. If she insisted on having a baby, it would be more difficult for her to give birth.

What's more, today he completely saw through that Terence didn't care about Hester at all. If this hurt his girl once, he didn't want her to live in this man's world for the rest of her life.

Austin and Hester were childhood sweethearts. He knew her too well. If she lost her child because of Terence, she would definitely give up her hope on the man who was in a high position in front of him.

His girl was innocent, kind and too strong. Once she made up her mind, no one will move her even if she needs to sacrifice.

Once Hester didn't love Terence, he would have the chance to take care of her, completely building a world belonged to the two of them.

He admitted that he was a selfish and dark person, but he would never regret it.

At this moment, Austin remained silent. He was clear that his confession would disgust Terence and result in a situation out of his expectations.

After a long time, Dr. Alex saw that the expression on Terence's face became more and more displeased. With his brows tightly knitted, he stood out helplessly.

"I'm different from the surgeries. At this time, Miss Hester is only two weeks pregnant. If we draw baby blood from the mother's body, it will greatly harm the baby and the mother. Besides, the baby hasn't taken shape now, and it is connected to the mother. It's hard to take out precisely a sample. "

"I want to get the child's DNA sample in a short time. Other than that, what else do you have?" Though his expression didn't change, Terence felt very irritated.

The room was quiet for a moment. Everyone shook their heads.

With his sharp eyes sweeping to the left, Terence said coldly, "I've heard that Dr. Austin is a top student at the international five University of PH. C University, the all-round Chinese doctor known as the first one in a hundred years, and a VIP doctor at the north three somewhat hospital after graduating from college. You are bound to have high opinions about this matter, so you can give me a VIP doctor's satisfactory reply. "

After that, he leaned back leisurely, eyes full of provocation.

Terence called Austin's name personally and highly praised him. The people present looked at Austin expectantly, eager to get them out of the severe situation.

Austin just smiled gently. How could he not know that Terence deliberately made him embarrassed.

Fame and strength were true, but doctors were not God, neither were the master of life and death. His operation had a success rate of 90% and the others were in danger. The last 50% was enough to prove that every doctor took a great risk in an operation.

"Mr. Terence, I'm the attending physician of Hester. According to all factors of her body, I don't agree to operate on her, and the reason is exactly the same as what Dr. Alex said."

Austin raised his head to meet the two sharp sights, and Terence gloomy face was in sharp contrast to the surface of his gentleness.

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