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   Chapter 17 Do You Deserve This Position

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With his face expressionless, Terence pressed his lips and did not respond to Hester at all.

A moment later, Hester was nervous. She was too afraid to hear him say no.

She racked her brains. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she smiled softly. "Terence, aunt Qi is right. She agrees with our marriage which indicates that she recognizes me as her daughter-in-law. and believes that I can be your wife."

'Of course, I would be a good mother.'

Hester's eyes were painted with a deep smile, and she looked at the flat underbelly tenderly.

Hearing her mentioning of his mother, Terence's face suddenly turned gloomy. He moved his foot and threw off that little hand quickly. He sneered, "No one can control my life. You are not even a normal person. Are you qualified to be my wife? How dare you threaten me with my mother! "

Her hand pressed against the floor, causing pain at her finger bone. Hester frowned and was about to say something when a black shadow flashed past her, that Terence had already left.

Hester stood up with support of the wall, with sadness. She looked down and found that two of her knees were red and swollen. It happened that they had been cut by the glass last time, and today there was a new injury.

Hester's lips were tightened. She raised her head and looked around the room, admiring every decoration. The room was filled with the aura that she loved most.

She took a deep breath, turned around sadly, and closed the door gently.

She knew very well that Terence didn't like it when someone casually stayed in his room. None of the women brought back here had the chance to step into his room. Therefore, she was still different from them.

At this moment, downstairs, a fancy Maserati galloped out of the villa on the flat road.

In the car, the cell phone rang. Glancing at the caller ID on the screen, Terence pressed the bluetooth button and said coldly, "Sean, why did you call me?"

"Mr. Terence, I'm here to congratulate you. Congratulations on becoming a father to be. You're closer to success. Let me remind you that you still need to get the baby's DNA sample to open Mrs. Qi's safety box. Please take care of Miss Hester. "

On the phone, the lawyer Sean congratulated him gently. 'However, he didn't care whether Hester was alive or dead. He was only able to protect the baby in her abdomen.'

Terence narrowed his eyes dangerously. Sean who was several hundred meters away felt chilled all over.

'Damned woman! What on earth did she do to my mother? Why did she order the lawyer to remind and threaten me all the time before she died?'.

However, he hated to be coerced all his life.

"Sean, I'm my mother's only child, and she has no choice but to transfer her shares to me in the end. We don't have to listen to your terms. Maybe another way to open the safety box is better, right? "

Terence spoke calmly, which made people tremble with fear.

Sean took a deep breath to steady the fear in his heart. He lifted the corners of his mouth and tried to answer naturally: "Mr. Terence, Mrs. Qi entrusted me with a task. As long as you keep your promise, you will take 20% of the shares."

"Got it." With that, he hung up the phone without hesitation.

The atmosphere in the car was so heavy that it was hard to perceive the difference of people's breathing. When the driver was driving steadily, he took a deep breath to avoid irritating Terence in the back seat.

At that moment, Terence was inexplicably irritable, he hesitated to kidnap his kid as a means to trade.

Such feelings were just out of his control

. Terence was annoyed and confused.

Before he figured it out, his phone rang again. It was from his secretary.

"Boss, there is an emergency in the company. Internal confidential information has been leaked. When the company's top managers learned about this, they were in constant disturbance and began to distribute the shares. We just found that more than one third of the shareholders began to sell off the shares and then buy all of them. " The secretary reported seriously and then paused, as if she wanted to say something.

"What is it?" "Quickly!". Terence ordered with expressionless.

The secretary replied at once and said seriously, "Mr. Qi, the shareholders of our company want to hold a general meeting in a month, in order to change the executive president, adjust the shareholder structure and select a new chairman."

The underlying purpose was that those old people planned to kick him out of the company, usurp the power and select a president who could do whatever they wanted to earn money for them.

They had a good plan, but everything depended on him!

With a sneer, Terence hang up the phone and ordered in a cold voice, "Go to the lawyer's building."

The vulture on his face was about to stab those enemies who surrounded him.

Receiving his order, the driver turned around and rushed to the lawyer's office.

The lawyer building was located in the middle of the business district. It was the latest version of the room, with the novel and rigorous appearance.

At this moment, a distinguished guest was going to enter the spacious office. Standing in front of the sofa out of instinct, Sean looked awkward with a little cold sweat on his forehead.

Sitting on the dark sofa, Terence looked cold and intimidating as a guest.

With his attractive eyes coldly glancing at the trembling Sean in front of him, .he said briefly "Sit down," .

He was not used to looking up at others.

Then the lawyer Sean sat down uneasily, looked up at him with an official smile on his face and asked respectfully, "Mr. Terence, welcome to our company. What can I do for you?"

But Terence didn't reply. His face was as cold as ice.

Bowing slightly and rigid, Sean bent slightly and said politely, "it's my honor to work for Mr. Terence. If you need any help from me, I will spare no effort to do it. "

The words were sincerely and extremely loyal.

Noticing this, Terence raised his head and winked at him in charity.

For an instant, the atmosphere inside the room was solemn and frosty, as if entering the winter snow.

Sean swallowed hard and dared not to move. But for a long time, he didn't hear a word from Terence. There was a cold stare focused on him, which made him so uncomfortable. And the smile on his face was almost difficult to maintain.

"Mr. Terence, please tell me your order." Sean was, after all, not able to bear the strong aura of the other side, with a bitter face, and asked nervously.

"I want to take over the shares in a short time. No matter what you do!" His thin lips were open. Terence was clearly a guest, but his tone was as imperative as usual. No one dared to refute and question him, and even be a little angry.

He was born to be a king. All others could do was to submit to him.

Hearing that, Sean's face looked more bitter. He was afraid and helpless. He explained again, "Mr. Terence, to get the share transfer certificate, you must get the child's DNA sample as the key to the safe. If the box was opened by force, the automatic destroy program inside will start. Mr. Terence, I have no choice. "

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