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   Chapter 16 He Said She Was The Biggest Shame For Him

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A strong, long arm stretched out and grabbed her neck quickly. With slight strength, the little girl was dragged to the room and against the cold wall.

"Are you happy that I didn't bring a woman home? Humph, I didn't expect that you would pretend to faint to get sympathy just for winning my sympathy. This is not what my mother asked you to do, right? " Terence scoffed.

At the moment, he could easily cut off her neck with a slight force.

He didn't expect that he was fooled by a deaf!

Rage surged in his heart. He wouldn't allow anyone to sully the garbage he had thrown away without his permission, even if it was not accepted.

Because that was an insult to him!

"Ter... Terence. " Her neck was pinched, making it harder for her to breathe. Her white face turned red with sadness. Hester's two little hands were trying to snap at the big hand

which making it difficult for her to shout at him.

Her little face crumpled as he heard Hester's painful plea.

The evil man looked coldly at the woman who was struggling in front of him. There was no emotion in his eyes. His cold handsome face was as calm as usual, without any movement.

Then he pinched her neck slightly with his big hand.

The biggest shame in his life was brought by this woman! He really wanted her to die!

Hester's tears were forced out. She was facing an unprecedented danger. She sensed that her breath was becoming weaker and weaker. She just didn't understand why Terence was angry, and even wanted her to die.

Her eyes were wide open, trying to see the emotions and words on his face. But her eyes were blurred by tears, which threw her into boundless panic.

"Baby..." Hester's abdomen suddenly fell into pain. She loosened her hands in panic and gently touched her flat abdomen. Her beautiful face was full of fear and sadness.

As soon as he heard the slight twitch of Hester's mouth, his dark and cold pupils turned slightly, with his cold sight sliding downward. All of a sudden, his big hand trembled and the girl's petite body slid feebly along the wall to fall to the ground.

Hester remembered the cautions that Dr. Alex had said. To prevent the baby from being impacted, she rubbed the wall with her knees and tried to reduce the falling speed.

Her knees hurt and she frowned and then sat on the carpet slowly.

Luckily, after Hester calmed down, the pain in her abdomen gradually disappeared, and she was relieved.

"Good boy. I will pay more attention to your health from now on, I will make you feel comfortable." Hester was still stunned at the moment, but she opened her mouth and bowed her head, whispering at the abdomen.

Staring at the woman who talked to herself on the ground, Terence's heart twitched and then he sneered.

'The baby was only one month old. It was still a piece of blood. What could he hear.'

He thought Hester was deliberately playing in front of him, making him believe that she cared about the baby very much, to express her deep love for him.

Unfortunately, he didn't care about the baby at all. What he cared about was only sample!

"Shut up!" The image of Hester hugging another man in the hospital popped into his mind. He thought it was rather irritating.

Hester couldn't hear the sound, so she

couldn't hear it.

With knitted eyebrows, he lifted his foot and kicked hard at her delicate leg. The shoes were very hard, and Terence had no mercy at his feet. Hester was scared and painful. She looked up at the displeased handsome face, and immediately gritted her teeth, without making any sound.

"You are really good at seducing men. Shame on you!" Looking down at the humble woman on the ground, he mocked

If it was not because the child was useful to him, he would immediately let people drive her out.

'Follow his mother's wish? The deaf was only greedy for the power and position of his wife!'

Hester thought carefully and analyzed his lip shape. Upon hearing his words, she waved her hands in succession, feeling wronged.

However, she did not know how to explain to convince him. Her cherry lips trembled, and she explained, " Terence, you've misunderstood. I just... " "

'Autstin and I grew up together. We are good friends

"Don't call my name. I fell sick." Seeing that Hester was too stupid to even speak clearly, Terence was angry, furiously glared at her.

Her face was pale. Her eyelashes quivered. She bit her lips and there was sadness in her eyes

He hated her dirty body.

This is what Hester understood through his handsome face which was covered with haze.

"Don't think it's your trick to send me to the hospital. Whether you are alive or dead has nothing to do with me. I don't care at all. " The words were like a blade stabbing into Hester's heart.

Terence paused and looked scornfully at the humble woman. He said in a cold voice, "Hester, why did you faint? Why didn't you just die?"

Thus, he didn't have to face her, his mother's difficulties and all kinds of humiliations to him.

Hester's eyes narrowed, and her beautiful face was pale and bloodless. She was shocked and bitter.

'This was the first time that Terence called her name, but the following words...'

Hester shook her head and whispered to herself that Terence was too angry to say anything sincerely.

That's right. Terence doesn't like her yet. That's why he would be so cold to her. But she loves him so much since she was a child. Besides, according to Aunt Qi's words, she would definitely take good care of him and be his virtuous wife.

She believed that her efforts and sincerity would move him, and their future would be beautiful and happy.

"Terence, I shouldn't have run out without permission. I know I was wrong. Don't be angry." Hester reached out her hand and grasped a piece of Terence's suit pants, said carefully.

Hester observed the handsome face carefully. Seeing that he was calm, she was overjoyed and once again expressed her love.

"I'm good for nothing, and I can't hear you clearly. I know I am not good enough for you, but I love you! We have a baby now. We should not quarrel with each other in the future. I will listen to you and won't make you angry any more. "

With a sneer on his face, Terence quipped, "Are you threatening me with the baby?"

"No, I just want to... I want our family to be happy. Terence, I will study hard to be a good wife. Trust me, okay? " Asked Hester, looking at Terence with anticipation.

As he squinted at the face without any makeup, Terence's heart was suddenly moved.

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