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   Chapter 15 Being Jealous!

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Turning back, Terence wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and his charming eyes narrowed dangerously.

Bang! A strong punch landed on Austin's face forcefully. Without a second thought, he stumbled backwards, and the cheekbone swelled up.

Hester sensed that the two people around her stopped and turned her head in confusion. Then she saw that Austin was hit by Terence. She turned around in a panic, shook her head and said, "No, no, don't fight. Terence, don't hurt Brother Austin."

'Brother Austin? What an intimate call! This damn woman!'

With a cold look on Terence's face, Hester was taken away by the butler and Dr. Alex outside, they immediately forced themselves to hold Hester, who was struggling hard.

The sounds of crying and pleading gradually disappeared. Rubbing his fingernails, Terence looked down at Austin like a king looking down at an ant. The corner of his mouth hooked coldly and cruel.

"What I don't want will not be yours. As a doctor, you have bad moral ethics. I don't want to see you at any hospital in A city. "

He was talking to Austin, but also, his words ordered dean.

"Mr. Terence, please rest assured. I will make it right." The director bent down respectfully and flattered.

After slowly wiping his hands with a square towel, Becky said in a cold voice, "Director Fang, I hope you can do it, or else your hospital will have no reason for me to continue to invest."

Throwing an expensive silk square towel, it was flying with the wind, and it happened to fall in front of Austin intentionally or unintentionally, with a strong sense of mockery.

Director Fang bowed respectfully until seeing Terence off.

In the ward, Austin slightly bent over and gently stroked the flat bed, with his girl's mild, fragrant smell lingering on it. Director Fang's warning words still echoed in his ears.

"Austin, you have superb medical skills. Hospitals need talents like you, but you shouldn't provoke Mr. Terence. Do you know who he is? Do you know you almost put the hospital into an awkward situation? "

"Listen, I won't fire you for the sake of your father. But once you see Mr. Terence, please don't let him see you. Or we'll be in big trouble. You are an adult and you know all these things. I won't tell you more. "

The scorching sun penetrated through several glasses and sprinkled into the room, slightly illuminating a corner of the white bed sheet. It was a warm scene, but the thin figure on the side of the bed seemed to have unspeakable loneliness and dissatisfaction.

Hester was sitting on the sofa in the luxurious villa. She anxiously turned her head to look at the door from time to time. Her beautiful face was pale.

"Miss Hester, it's time to rest." The maid came over expressionlessly and reminded her automatically.

Hester's eyelashes flicked twice, and her black and white eyes looked at the maid, pleading, "Can you call me and ask when Terence will come back? I want to take a rest after he comes back. "

She was the wife of Terence. She should wait for him to come back and sleep with him. Besides, she wanted to know how Austin was doing. Did he get hurt...

"Miss Hester, I am following your requirements of taking care of you. Please don't matter me." The maid did not answer directly, but still said with no expression.

Hester said with a determined look. She didn't want others to be hard to make it. She stood up slowly, but she still lowered her eyes to hide the sadness in her eyes.

After Hester was pregnant, she still lived in the narrow nanny room, but she didn't feel anything wrong.

The maid turned off the

light and left the room.

Hester was lying in bed at night. It was so dark that she couldn't see her fingers. She was not sleepy at all. She suddenly felt cold as the wind poured in from all directions.

The place she was familiar with now made her heart palpitate and fear inexplicably.

However, what Dr. Alex said was still so clear that Hester gritted her teeth and forced herself to close her eyes.

For the baby's health, she must make sure to sleep well.

Next morning, Hester was completely awake even if she closed her eyes. She opened her eyes, got up early as usual and made breakfast for Terence.

She wondered whether he had come home last night and whether he had had breakfast now?

The petite figure stood at the foot of the stairs, looking up with her big black and white eyes, seriously thinking and expectations. Thinking of the scene she saw in the office yesterday, Hester felt a sharp pain in her heart.

"Ah." Hester snorted. Afraid of disturbing the person upstairs, she quickly covered her mouth with both hands and nervously observed the situation upstairs.

At the door, as soon as Terence opened the door and came in, the delicate figure came into his sharp eyes.

The loose shirt was a little plump which made people feel sorry for her.

Terence's sharp and charming eyes rotating slightly, and a strange emotion quickly flowed through his eyes, but soon disappeared without a trace.

Recalling her intimate hug with other man yesterday, he pursed his thin lips. Only anger and resentment remained on his cold handsome face.

He slammed the door, put on his slippers and stepped heavily in. The loud noise in the quiet room came from outside. However, the woman in the stairway, didn't know that. She kept frowning and thinking about the breakfast.

Terence paused suddenly, and then he sneered.

Well, he forgot that she was deaf and could not hear anything.

He walked to Hester's back, and his charming eyes suddenly grew deep. A cold and sharp light was reflected, making people afraid.

Hester responded with her nose moving. Feeling a familiar breath, she turned around with joy. But before she turned around, her scalp suddenly hurt, and her black beautiful hair was grabbed violently by a big hand. It was so painful that she almost shed tears, and her eyes were red.

"Terence." Hester turned her body sideways and looked at the sullen faced Terence. She looked at the person behind him on purpose. When she saw no one, she was suddenly happy, forgetting the pain on her head and smiled.

'This expression? She really think she looks like his wife at all?

Oh, she was just one of his played tricks.'

Terence suddenly let go of her and glanced at her pretty face with contempt. He focused his eyes on her flat abdomen and went upstairs directly.

"Terence, I'll make you some soup to sober you up." Hester was confused at his reaction. She smelt the smell of alcohol from him and was worried about him.

After washing up, Terence went out.

As soon as the door opened, he saw Hester with sobering soup in her hands.

"Terence, the soup will make you feel better." Hester said with a smile. Her hands were red from the heat, seeming not to be touched.

Terence glared at her two little hands, and snorted coldly. He knocked off the bowl with one hand, while the hot soup splashed the petite girl from head to foot in a mess.

"Ah!" Hester shouted, looking at the empty bowl dancing on the carpet a few times. Then she raised her head and said anxiously, "Wait a moment, Terence. There's something left in the kitchen. I'll get it for you."

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