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   Chapter 14 I Think You Are Dirty!

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He stood up, looked sullen, and strode away, annoyed.

'How dare someone stop me!' he swore to himself.

Tears fell from her beautiful face, Hester sobbed silently, as if she was going to give vent to all the pain and grievances she had seen today.

Austin was annoyed, blaming himself for frightening Hester.

Austin's eyes grew dark. He wanted to know who on earth hurt his girl?

She was too weak and emotional instability would lead to miscarriage. She could no longer cry.

Austin wanted to step forward to hug her slender body, but he was afraid that his intimacy would frighten her. His gentle face was full of pity.

He had no choice but to pass a piece of tissue to her.

"Hester, your baby is linked with you, if you're sad, your baby will feel sad too. Don't cry anymore."

Austin knew that his words would have a sudden effect as she cared about the baby.

Hester was shocked to open her eyes wide, and then looked down at the flat abdomen.

Right, she was not alone now. There was a living life here, a baby of her and Terence.

She touched her lower abdomen gently, and her tears stopped abruptly.

Hester curled her lips and gave a happy and sweet smile.

"Well, you can't leave a man for even a second." The cold and deep voice broke the warm atmosphere in the room.

Austin looked back at the man who came in, and inexplicably a great sense of crisis gushed out.

Hester realized what was going on. She looked up along the line of sight and was surprised. She struggled to get out of the bed, a big smile on her face, and she shouted happily, "Terence, you are here."

She walked to him, so happy that she ignored his vicious handsome face. His face was gloomy.

"Hester." Austin's instinct told him that Terence was in grave danger. But he forgot that Hester could not hear the sound.

Seeing Hester did not respond, he hurried forward.

With a cold glance at him, Austin froze immediately. He could do nothing but watch his girl get into another man's arms who was really dangerous.

"Terence, here is our baby." Hester moved closer to Terence who seemed to be dangerous. One of her hands was resting on her abdomen, and the other was reaching out, trying to hold Terence's big hand to stroke their baby.

She knew that Terence still loved her. He would come to see her and their baby as soon as he finished his work.

Her hand was about to touch his big one, but he raised it suddenly.

He threw her off violently.

"Fuck off. You are too dirty." Hester's small figure was reflected in his sharp eyes, but it was completely filled with disgust and anger, and there was a trace of imperceptible agitation.

The back of her hand was suddenly red, and Hester was so painful that she wanted to shout. But she knew that Terence disliked it, then she bit her delicate lip with her teeth, and her big black and white eyes blinked. Tears were roaming in her eyes, and she was stubborn enough not to shed them.

Terence's words repeatedly appeared in her mind. She realized at once what he meant, and despite the sadness, she explained in panic and clumsy.

"Terence, look. I'm not dirty. I'm clean..." Hester couldn't figure out the meaning of Terence's' organ ', but she could feel that he hated her. She lifted her sleeve and revealed her snow-white skin to prove herself.

"You are still trying to defend yourself when you are caught. Hester, you come to see me today with an excuse to take this opportunity to fall in love with your lover. You are so shameless. I was almost cheated by you. " He gripped Hester's chin with his long, slender fingers, so hard that it was likely to break the bone.

No wonder his men took so long to search for her, and it turned out that she had hidden herself intentionally.

Hester was so painful that her eyebrows twisted, but what shocked her was the words of Terence.

"No, I have never lied to you, Terence. Dr. Alex examined my body. I know I'm pregnant. I'm very happy to share this good news with you, and I want to... " Hester shook her head. Tears coursed down her cheeks, her face burning.

The scalding tear fell on Terence's big hand, and he immediately pulled back his hand in disgust. He cursed in his thin lips, as if he had touched some deadly virus.

Looking at the situation in front of him, Austin probably knew that the cold and ruthless man in front of him was the father of the child.

But he didn't find any love from the man.

"Hester." Looking at Hester with sympathy, Austin strode over and patted her shoulder, trying to comfort her.

As soon as Austin finished his words, Terence cast a cold glance at him and sneered, "Are you an idiot to seduce a pregnant woman?"

Terence's handsome face was now filled with "shame on you!", as if he didn't care about his wife at all.

With his brows knitted, Austin twitched the corner of his mouth and finally retorted, "You can't even protect your woman. She passed out on the way, and almost lost her life. You're not qualified to talk to me."

There was a rage in his chest. If it were not for the calmness of the years of being a doctor and the fear of frightening Hester again, Austin might have already made a move against Terence at the moment.

Even if Austin hadn't known what had happened in the past eight years from Hester, he had believed that the girl he had been looking at must suffer from many hardships at that time when he saw the crude man.

"This is my family affair. It's none of your business." Terence's handsome face darkened. He laughed out loud in anger.

"Take care of her. I don't want to see that thing happen again." Without waiting for Austin's reply, Terence ordered the housekeeper and Dr. Alex to bring Hester back to the villa.

In a short, Hester was going to under supervision. From today on, she wouldn't be able to leave the villa.

He wouldn't allow anything to happen before he got the DNA of the child.

As they approached, Hester backed away subconsciously, and she was trembling in fear. Subconsciously, she preferred to stay in the hospital and let Brother Austin take care of her.

Hester looked at Terence with sincerity. At the sight of the intimidating face, she drooped her head with a trembling lips and was taken away by the housekeeper and Dr. Alex alone.

Seeing Hester's resistance, Austin was so angry that he hit hard on Terence's face.

"Mr. Terence!" Shocked, the butler and Dr. Alex stopped and looked back at him worriedly.

His handsome face was like a piece of charcoal, cold light bursting out from his charming eyes. When he saw them stop, he frowned unhappily and scolded coldly, "Take her away right now!

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