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   Chapter 13 Fear, Mr. Terence's order

Again, My Love By REGINA MCBRIDE Characters: 7157

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It was from the hospital.

"Mr. Terence, your wife fainted on the street and was sent to XX Hospital. Please come to complete the admission procedures as soon as possible." The sweet voice of the nurse from the hospital came through the phone.

There's no doubt that Hester had given her the phone number. After all, what Hester remembered was Terence's phone number, and she could only rely on him.

The whole office fell into silence, making people shiver.

After a long while, he asked coldly, "Is the baby still alive?"

If the child was not here, it was not necessary for her to live.

The receptionist was stunned as if she had never seen such a ruthless family.

"How?" With an unfriendly face and piercing eyes, Terence commanded solemnly.

The receptionist could not help but shudder in fear. She quickly looked through the patient's medical record and replied, "Yes, the patient and the baby are both safe."

With an expressionless face, Terence hung up the phone in a cold manner, but breathed a sigh of relief secretly.

The tall and strong figure slightly leaned against the expensive desk made of sandalwood. His eyes were gloomy and cold. He pursed his thin lips into a straight line, looking out of the window blankly, as if he wanted to see something through there.

An hour later, the exclusive family doctor of Qi family and the world famous gynecologist arrived at the hospital, pushing the world's most exquisite checking equipment behind them, there was really a group of very large people.

The director of the hospital had already received them at the door, and hurried to bring them to the advanced ward where Hester stayed.

Arriving at the ward, experts and Dr. Alex began to closely examine Hester. Austin and others were cleared out of the ward. Inside the room, only the Qi family's bodyguards were still there.

Hester was lying in bed, raising her head, and her eyes were filled with expectations. She was looking for the familiar figure in the steady crowd, but there was always no one who had come in or out.

"Dr. Alex, Terence... Did he know I am in the hospital? " Hester did not know them, when her vision passed over the cold instrument in their hands, her heart trembled a few times. She raised her hand to grab Dr. Alex's sleeve and asked cautiously.

Dr. Alex lowered his eyes and answered in a low voice, "There is an important meeting in the company, and Mr. Terence can't spare time to come. This is an internationally renowned gynecologist. Don't worry, Miss Hester. They can take good care of the baby. "

However, Hester's health was not mentioned at all.

Hester blinked, loosed his clothes in disappointment, and lay back on the bed. Her eyes were filled with fear as she watched them approach the needle with a cold tube.

Dr. Alex soothed beside her and said to the baby in her belly. Hester bit her lips and looked at the flat abdomen. A soft smile gradually appeared on her beautiful face.

'Baby, I'm so scared. But you are here with me, I will be strong. Your dad was too busy to see you, but mom thought he would be very happy if he knew we had the baby.'

The international expert wanted to examine Hester all over. But the mother was too weak, so they gave Hester a certain amount of anesthetic.

Hester felt tired, and she was gradually in darkness, completely unaware of anything outside.

"What? Hester is in poor health, I don't agree to let her leave the hospital!" In the ward, when Austin heard that Dr. Alex and the international expert were abou

t to leave with Hester, the mild man revealed a gloomy expression for the first time.

"Dr. Austin, Miss Hester is our patient in charge, please do not interfere in this matter. Mr. Terence's order is not something you can object to. " Said Dr. Alex in a cold voice, giving a hint to his subordinate to push Hester out.

Hester was huddling up in the bed. She looked uneasily at the person approaching her, with tears flowing from the corners of her eyes.

Austin knitted his brows tightly. Seeing that they were barbaric and didn't listen to his advice at all, he made up his mind and pushed them out of the ward in anger.

"Dr. Austin, what are you doing?" The dean, standing outside the ward, was dumbfounded to see that Austin drove a distinguished guest out of the hospital.

"Bang!" Austin slammed the door and locked it heavily to prevent them from coming in again.

Austin walked to the sickbed and gently stroked the shivering girl on the bed. There were pity and love in his eyes. He soothed the girl softly, "Don't be afraid, Hester. I have driven the bad people away, they won't hurt you."

When he knew the medicine for checking Hester's body, Austin broke out completely. Those pills were good for the development of the fetus in the womb, but were forbidden to the pregnant women. If Hester had the symptoms of exclusion, she would lose two lives if carelessly handled.

Who the hell are they? Why do they only care about the safety of the child?

"Hester, do you know them?" Austin comforted Hester with an unknown expression.

Hester nodded her head, but then shook. She only knew Dr. Alex, and had never seen anything else. Her face was pale and her body was numb because of the drug. She bit her lips hard.

"Hester, tell me, what have you done these years? How could you get pregnant and faint on the way? " 'And why can't you hear me...'

Austin threw several questions at Hester. He was eager to know what she had experienced in the past few years when he had been away from her.

Austin's heart ached. The girl was only 20 years old and she was too weak to bear a child. He couldn't imagine how cruel a man could be to hurt Hester.

"I... I... " Hester wanted to explain, but was frightened by Austin's angry face at the moment. Forced by the suppressed sadness and fear in his heart, she was panicked and could not help crying. Tears fell down along the perfect cheek and fell on Austin's big hand. The hot temperature of her tears was almost burning his skin and heart.

"Hester, don't cry. I won't force you." Austin hated himself. Looking at the crying girl, he wiped the tears on her face gently. However, the more water he wiped, the more anxious and remorseful he became.

In the long corridor outside the ward, there stood a row of people. Seeing this, Dr. Alex could only contact Terence.

In the spacious office, Terence kept writing for a long time, with an expensive pen in his hand. He stared at the phone on the desk with his cold and deep eyes indistinctly.

Suddenly, his phone rang. His eyes darkened and he quickly picked up the microphone with his big hand.

"Mr. Terence, Miss Hester's attending physician doesn't agree with the discharge procedure, so we can't take her away. What should we do?" Dr. Alex asked with respect. According to the hospital rules, the patient was not allowed to leave without the attending physician's permission, and they were not allowed to take people away.

With his thin lips tightly closed, Terence ordered in a cold voice, "Wait for my order."

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