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   Chapter 12 A Friend Next Door Grows Up

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Hester was waking up in a daze. The first thing she saw was the white ceiling, and it was the familiar smell of disinfectant. Her nose shook and fear was clear on her face.

She had gone through untold sufferings and had been living in the hospital as a home for a long time.

During those days, she was alone and helpless. She lived in darkness day and night and could never forget.

But now she was no longer lonely. She had a husband and their children

She smiled and touched her belly gently. Her clear eyes were filled with the radiance of maternal nature, which was even more dazzling than the blazing sun in the sky.

When Austin Lin entered the ward, he saw the holy picture. His heart was swelling and his heartbeat became violent. He stared at the beautiful face with warm eyes. His body leaned against the door and remained motionless for a long time.

Hester discovered that someone was looking at her and looked at it subconsciously.

He had a handsome and charming facial features, and fine bangs fell on his attractive forehead. With a slender and tall figure, he looked thin and mighty, just like Provence in the warm wind. The white cloak on his body showed his identity as a doctor.

"Are you feeling better now?" Austin's lips, which were moderate in thickness, were raised, and he walked in with light steps. His voice was as gentle as a spring breeze.

Hester's eyes were wide open, trying to recognize his lips. She confused a while and smiled, "Doctor, I feel better, but why am I here?"

In her mind, two hooligans surrounded her finally, then she woke up in the hospital.

The words "doctor" took Austin by surprise. He stopped and looked at Hester without a moment, feeling bitter and sad.

'Does she already forget me? '

But soon he was relieved. After all, they hadn't seen each other for seven or eight years.

"I heard that you fainted on the road and was sent to the hospital. I am your attending doctor, Hester." Austin took up the stethoscope and examined Hester, a warm smile constantly hanging on his lips.

Hester was stunned at his calling. With her clear and bright eyes blinking, her thick eyelashes fluttered twice. Her dark eyes were full of confusion.

The innocent emotions were all written on her face, just as the same as she was in her childhood.

It was his childhood sweetheart.

Eight years ago, he emigrated with his family. Eight years later, he specially came back to find her. But when he returned, he did not see Hester and lost her contact.

But he had never given up looking for his girl.

"Hester, we were best friends in the childhood. I am really sad that you also forgot me..."

With sadness in his eyes, however, Austin smiled slightly. He raised his hand and tapped Hester's head, "What are you thinking in your head?"

The man she cared about the most was none other than Terence, Ah and their baby now.

Hester's pure eyes flickered. She answered in silence, pressing her lips.

Austin was patient enough to tell her everything that had happened between them when they were young.

"Are you Austin?" Hester said with joy. As she recalled it in her childhood, sadness and joy faded away.

"I thought you would call me brother Austin." Looking at her coming in, Austin was overjoyed.

They were childhood sweethearts. Hester liked to call him "Brother Austin" when she was a child. She claimed that this name only belonged to her, and was unique

in the world.

Hester smiled innocently. The distant childhood memory was always warm. It reminded Hester that she used to have everything normal, and her parents used to dote on the little princess.

But after the car accident eight years ago, she not only lost her hearing, but also became an orphan. She knew how humble she was and how noble and gorgeous Terence was. However, she had been with him for her own selfish motive and the last wish of aunt Qi.

Hester thought Terence might be angry with her that he always flirted with other women.

The girl's small face was slender, and her two bright eyes were now covered with a few mist. A faint sadness poured out from her eyes, which stung Austin's heart.

He thought that his good girl should be happy forever.

In the silence, Hester and Austin looked down at each other. They tacitly didn't open their mouths. Instead, the warm atmosphere enveloped the room, dispelling the sadness in their hearts.

Austin's vision slowly fell to Hester's flat abdomen. Since she was sent to the hospital, even during the course of her coma, her hands were still holding her abdomen, not moving a little.

There was no doubt that Hester took great care of the baby in her belly. Suddenly his heart ached, he was jealous of the baby's father, the man who had Hester's love.

But, was the man truly in love with Hester? Why did Hester faint on the way? Why is she so sad?'?

At this moment, Austin suddenly had an impulse to hide his girl, not to be found by anyone, including that man.

"Hester?" He didn't want Hester to be immersed in sorrow. He called Hester softly, but Hester didn't seem to hear or respond.

Austin called her name again and again patiently. Seeing that she was still unmoved, he frowned.

He gave a pat on Hester's shoulder. Hester raised her head, looked at him confusedly.

With a thought, he observed Hester's expression and said gently, "The baby is very healthy, but your body is not in good condition. To give birth to a healthy baby, you should pay more attention to your own nutrition. It's very dangerous for both you and your baby to faint today. "

Hester was shocked. She touched her belly and said, "Baby, I'm sorry. I almost lost you. I swear I won't do it again."

Hester turned her head and asked seriously, "Brother Austin, can you tell me the matters needing attention?"

Austin nodded with a smile, but his eyes were dark. He discovered that every time he spoke, Hester was staring at his mouth.

He stared at her two small ears and guessed, 'Is there something wrong with Hester's hearing?'?

To verify his thought, when replying Hester clearly, Austin raised his hand and snapped his finger at Hester's ear. The sound was very clear in the quiet room, but Hester seemed not to hear it and had no reaction.

It turned out that she couldn't hear it. No wonder lip language decided the reason.

Austin was shocked. He looked at the girl who was still happy and innocent, his eyes full of sadness. What on earth had his girl experienced?


Qi group, Hester had been missing for three hours, but she was still nowhere to be found. Standing in front of the glass of the office, Terence looked gloomy, and his eyes were cold and ferocious.

"You're all a bunch of bums! You can't even find a pregnant woman!" Terence roared at the phone, and the phone was broken into pieces.

In a fit of rage, the phone on his desk suddenly rang.

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