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   Chapter 11 Find Her At All Costs

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At this moment, what Terence thought of was not Hester and his child, but the 20% shares of his mother.

Therefore, he had to keep this baby.

"Find her and protect her child at all costs." Ordered coldly. There was no trace of father joy on Terence's expressionless handsome face.

When Yam heard the word "pregnant", she was alarmed immediately, and a touch of viciousness flashed across her charming eyes.

Damn it! Who dared to get pregnant before her! No, she must be pregnant as soon as possible, and stealthily killed the bastard at the other side.

Only she, Yam, is qualified to bear a baby for Terence. She will be his wife then! '!

"Terence... Let's continue..." Yam wriggled her slim waist, slowly opened her mouth and emitted an alluring aura.

Without giving her a favor, Terence took the suit on the back of the chair and left.

Yam leaned back at the table with her sexy eyes. Although her snowy body was sexy and charming in the sunlight, the man still faded away from her.

The door was closed again. Yam stood up angrily, picked up the things beside her, and hit the floor with disappointment. Her face was ugly as a vulture.

Meanwhile, she was burning with anxiety.

Suddenly, an evil thought flashed through her mind. She picked up pieces of clothes on the ground and walked to the resting room in a corner, where her clothes were prepared.

At that moment, Hester was walking on the street, not noticing the bump of the person ahead.

She covered her aching forehead, bent down and apologized, "I'm sorry." Then she tried to walk back, but behind her, there was another man.

Hester raised her head and saw herself being surrounded by two young men with colorful hair.

"Hey, beauty, where are you going? We can drive you there." It was a husky man's voice. Their eyes covertly swept through Hester. Like X-ray light, they were going to penetrate the thin layer of clothing, seeing the exquisite hiding object.

Hester was terrified by their licentious gaze. Her lips were a little pale. She shook her hands quickly and said in a low voice, "No, I'll go myself."

Inexplicable crisis grew in Hester's mind, and at the same time, her fear was spreading. She looked around in a hurry and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

However, the two mischievous men wouldn't let go of the beauty at the lips, and surrounded Hester to coax her.

After a while, the two men in the car couldn't wait any longer and rushed to grab her.

Hester looked at them in panic. Her head was dizzy, and her face was pale and lifeless.

Her face was pale, her chest was shaking violently. The breath she spat out was more and more urgent. The pain in her head was more and more intense. Fear and tension intertwined, Hester fell into the boundless darkness in an instant.

"Damn it! I haven't been satisfied yet. Stand up, bitch!" One of the yellow haired man thought Hester was pretending when he saw him lying on the ground, so he lifted his foot and kicked Hester's arm rudely.

"Ah, something is wrong!" The other red haired man found that Hester's face was bloodless, and she closed her eyes without moving, her eyebrows did not even shake. The man was immediately thinking of something bad.

"What?" Before the other man could react, the red haired man dragged him and continued in horror, "This woman is

probably a sick, I guess she is out of breath. Let's go, don't get us into trouble."

The man w

ith yellow hair was lethargic, and his face changed greatly.

Then, the two men ran away in a hurry, completely ignoring Hester who had fainted.

On the street, a delicate body was lying on the cold and muddy ground, and the dust gradually covered her face. Passers-by occasionally walked by, glanced at her, but no one cared about and helped her up.

When Mike ran back to the company with sweat all over his forehead, he ran into Terence who just came out of the company.

His handsome figure, elegant and steady steps, and his face showed no signs of hurry, just as usual, but such Terence, made Mike who had always been mild very angry. He strode forward, raised his hand, and gave Terence a punch.

"Are you still a human? Why do you hurt her every time! Let me tell you, if Hester has trouble, I swear that I will fight with you for the rest of my life until I die! "

Mike grabbed Terence's collar angrily.

With a sharp and cold glance at the hand by his collar, Terence sneered and scowled: "She is my woman. It has nothing to do with you. Pretending to be arrogant? You don't deserve it! "

The gap between them was insurmountable. Mike's heart ached again.

"The biggest mistake in her life is to fall in love with a heartless man like you. For the sake of her child, Terence, be kind with Hester, otherwise... You will regret it for your whole life. " Mike loosened his grip, turned around and ran away again, continued looking for Hester.

Actually, he wanted to ask Terence to give Hester to him if he could find her this time

'Hester? Humph, calling her in such an intimate way. Hester, I didn't expect you to be so good at seducing men, you were not inferior to a bitch. It seems that your innocence is feigned. ' Terence gnashed the name, his cold handsome face showing his anger of being cheated.

He withdrew his long legs and turned around decisively to return to the CEO's exclusive elevator.

'You don't need me to care about, someone is thinking about you.'

Of course, Terence had sent people out to look for Hester, for he wanted the child's blood to open the safety box.

In the CEO Office, Yam finished washing and came out. She was delighted to see Terence come back.

It meant that Terence didn't love that woman.

That's great. As long as she doesn't give birth to Terence's child, all plans will be carried out as planned.

"Come here." Sitting on the main chair, Terence looked at the women in the hall coldly, as domineering and dignified as a king, with sharp eyes.

Yam smiled happily. She removed the chain with her fingertips, and the skirt was scattered on the floor.

She stood on her toes and walked towards the man enchantingly, crawling at his feet and looking at him with her enchanting eyes.

She tried her best to seduce him, but failed.

She was so worried that sweat dripped from her forehead onto Terence's neat suit pants.

Frowning, Terence kicked away the woman beside him and roared angrily, "Get out!"

Yam was kicked to the corner of the table. The sharp pain made her tears burst out. She saw his handsome face covered with gloominess, and she couldn't help but shiver. She picked up the clothes on the ground, and quickly ran out.

At the back, Terence looked sternly at Yam's back as she was fleeing away. Thinking about Hester's little pink and stubborn face, he felt somewhat depressed.

Damn it! If her baby had anything wrong, he would kill her!

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