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   Chapter 10 Running Into The Company And Making Trouble

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Hester saw him as if he had seen a life-saving straw. She hurriedly grabbed his arm and said, "Mike, let me go upstairs to find Terence. I have something important to tell him!"

"What is it?" He didn't know why he felt stressed when he saw her happy red face.

Hester tightened her lips and hesitated for a moment before saying, "Mike, please help me. I'm sure that it's something important."

"Okay, I'll help you, my dummy!" Mike took a deep look at her and said to the receptionist beside him, "Follow her order. If you neglect her, you will be responsible for the consequences!"

Everyone was startled. It was well-known in the company that Mike had a good temper. He and Terence were completely two extremes. One was cold and fierce, while the other was gentle and soft. They didn't expect that the most mild person today would be irritated for a common girl!

These people didn't dare to slight her. They said respectfully, "Miss, this way please."

"Hester, do you need me to go with you?"

"No, I want to tell him alone. "

Her words pushed Mike into the abyss of despair. He stayed still, and his back was stiff. However, the person in front of him just fall in happiness and didn't notice his strangeness.

Hester had already flown out like a happy butterfly, followed by the secretary into the elevator that was going straight to the CEO's office.

In the elevator, she nervously clenched her fists and looked at the leaps and bounds of the floor numbers.

The elevator opened with a 'ding'.

"Miss, this is the president's office. Without the order of the president, I can't go in. You can go by yourself." The receptionist answered in a trembling voice. Apparently, she was frightened by Mike's threat.

She nodded. All she could think about was to get close to Terence.

She got up the courage and walked to the office door step by step. Her heart was pounding in her chest.

What will Terence feel? He must be as excited about the baby's coming as she was!

She was full of expectation. She turned the doorknob and opened the door quickly.


She wanted to say something but swallowed it back.

Two naked figures were seen inside.

All the words were like a sharp thorn in the throat, stinging with pain.

The action alerted the two people inside. Through her blurred eyes, she saw Terence look back at her coldly. It was a look so strange to her, yet so familiar to her.

It seemed that... Upon the exterior decoration of those intimate pretends at night, she can see such a cruel quality in it.

"Who let her in? Get out! "

Terence yelled at her coldly. The receptionist, who was standing not far away from the door, was frightened and closed the door immediately.

The door was closed so fast that even brought up a gust of wind, and it seemed as a slap hit in her face.

The passion of that night seemed to be a great irony at this moment, but there were still ambiguous marks on her delicate skin. Besides, there was their baby in her womb. It was a fruit of their happiness.

Hester did not believe that all the love and happiness that had been happening recently were fake.

Hester was innocent. It was not the first time she had seen Terence twirling with other women, but she would just be satisfied once he loved her

Hester bowed her head to

look at the flat abdomen, and her dim eyes instantly lit up as bright as stars.

She was pregnant and Terence would be very happy if she told him the good news.

At the moment the door was closed, Hester pushed her hands forward, and her exquisite body immediately entered in.

"Terence, I have something important to tell you..." Hester's eyes were curled and the corners of her mouth were open. It seemed that she didn't see the two tangled people in the office at all. She was still happy to share the pregnancy with Terence.

"Are you deaf? Get her out! She is not allowed to step into the company anymore! " Being interrupted, Terence roared at the front desk, with piercing coldness in his eyes.

He raised his voice so loudly that everyone present felt their eardrums ache.

Hester couldn't hear anything. If she observed the expression on his face and lip, she knew he was unhappy. And it was because of her.

She lowered her head and put her hand on her belly. Gentleness filled her dark eyes.

However, before she could pluck up her courage again, she was dragged out rudely by the receptionist.

With the door closed, the receptionist exhaled a mouthful of stale air. She turned around and looked at Hester with a pitiful look, venting her anger on Hester.

"This is not where you can come. Get out of here as soon as possible. What a sick people! "

At last, the receptionist did not intend to scold her, so she raised her hand and pushed her to leave quickly.

The young girl's face turned pale. As she walked away, her slim figure became stumbling.

Hester was petrified. The only thought that came into her mind was that she had provoked Terence again.

The happy life before was just a foam, the relationship between she and Terence will return to the cold state later?

Hester was puzzled. She couldn't understand why their relationship was back to bad. Now she was pregnant, and her dream was realized. But how could their relationship be right now?

Hester was asked to leave the Qi group. She racked her brains to think of a solution, but she didn't notice that she was walking farther and farther on the path.

Hearing that Hester had been driven out, Mike rushed downstairs from his office. He was burning with anxiety when he didn't see her.

But Hester had no cell phone, so he could not contact her at all.

Besides, he knew that Hester had never been out of the villa or knew nothing about the outside world. Furthermore, she could not hear anything

He was restless and worried that Hester would be hurt. He was told by the receptionist that Hester had left not long ago, so he guessed that she was still around and he rushed out to look for Hester.

At the same time, he also asked people to get the surveillance video of the streets near the company.

In the office, Terence was not in the mood to appreciate the beauty that he pushed Yam away. Yam was so angry that she cursed Hester to be disabled, or even mentally ill.

It took her a long time to get the call from Terence, but

Hester just interrupted it.

Suddenly, Terence's private phone rang and the room was in terrible silence.

"She was... Pregnant? " Confusion crossed Terence's cold and handsome face for the first time. He felt pleasantly surprised, but soon became indifferent and cold again.

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