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   Chapter 9 Terence, You Are Going To Be A Father

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He was crazy that night!

When Hester woke up the next day, he was already gone. The maid moved forward indifferently to take care of her as she did, when Hester asked where Terence went, the maid always told her indifferently that Mr. Terence was in the company.

Since then, she seldom saw his voice in the villa during the day, and she could not hear his voice. For her, the telephone was like a decoration, and every time she could only get his information from the maid.

The maid replied, "Mr. Terence is in the company. He will be back in the evening."

She was right. Every day, Terence would come back at midnight.

She wanted to keep him company and talk to him when he came back, but she was too weak to go to sleep at dusk.

He always came over late at night. Sometimes she was so painful that she wanted to refuse, but he never gave her any chance and never let her go.

Night after night, she seemed to live a happy life, however, both happiness and fear filled in her heart. The overbearing love from her husband disturbed her.

On the morning a month later, when she was sleeping drowsily, she didn't expect someone to shake her.

In a daze, she opened her eyes and saw a calm face of the maid.

"Miss Hester, Dr. Alex is here to do a physical examination for you."

It was not until then that she remembered that Dr. Alex came to the villa every month to have a regular check-up. He was the private doctor of Terence.

She quickly sat up from the bed and subconsciously touched the side of the bed. Like the previous morning, there was nothing around her.

She walked into the bathroom with disappointment. Looking at her body in the mirror, she found that there were hickeys all over her body, which proved that the man had come last night. It was not her dream at all.


'Why didn't he stay to see her? Was he really so busy with his work? Would he get tired?'

Soon, the maid arranged for Dr. Alex to examine. This was the first time that Hester had seen other expressions besides calmness on the maid's face.

This time, she was nervous!

When Dr. Alex finished the examination, the maid quickly asked, "how is she?"

"Miss Hester has been pregnant for two weeks. You need to pay attention her. She is in poor health condition, pregnant women should be taken good care of... "


Her head was buzzing. She was at a loss.

Children, this was something she would never dare to imagine. All she wanted was to stay with Terence and take care of him. She didn't dare to think about the future.

She is a contented people. But this kid was an unexpected joy that made her greedy. She... She wanted she could spend more time staying with him, which would allow the baby's father to accompany the baby growing healthily.

The thought of Terence suddenly occurred to her! He should know the news as soon as possible!

She was so happy that she immediately grabbed the maid's hand and said excitedly, "I want to tell Terence, can you take me there?"

The maid's happy face suddenly cooled down and refused: "It's dangerous outside. You should stay and wait

for Mr. Terence's coming back."

"No, I want to tell him. He is the father of the child. He should know about it!" Hester was determined to tell him the excited thing!

But the maid refused with a cold face, "No, you can't. Mr. Terence has told me that you can't leave! I will call Mr. Terence to tell him the good news now. Miss Hester, just wait patiently. "

The maid didn't wait for her answer and turned to the living room to call him. But she didn't expect Hester to jump up from the chair at once and run towards the door.

She was shocked and shouted, "Dr. Alex, stop her from leaving here!"

But Dr. Alex slowed down his movement. When he put down the instrument and chased out, Hester had already run to the gate.

She didn't dare to look back. Nor could she see what they were talking about. The only thing she knew was that she could not hide the news. She just wanted to tell Terence right in front of him.

"I have your baby, and you will be a father!"

She went down the mountain quickly. At the intersection halfway up the mountain, she fortunately saw a taxi. She stopped the taxi without thinking.

"Please go to the Qi group."

After the car drove away, Hester felt relieved. When she looked at the car, she found that both the maid and Dr. Alex had chased after her, with a look full of worry and anxiety.

She knew it was not good for her to run away now, but... She couldn't hold back the joy in her heart and wanted to share it with him.

Because... He is her child's father!

She touched her flat belly and didn't feel anything abnormal, but she knew that there was a baby inside.

She could not help grinning.

"Why you look so happy? Did something great happen to you? " The driver asked curiously, looking at Hester who was smiling happily behind.

Hester looked at his mouth in the rearview mirror and guessed his meaning. She smiled and said, "I'm pregnant. I'm going to tell my husband."

As soon as she said that, the driver ahead of her sensed that something was wrong. Because her pronunciation was strange. It seemed that there was something wrong with her vocal cords.

"My lady... Your voice? "

"I'm deaf and can't hear anything. I can talk," Instead of evading the topic, she gave a satisfying answer.

Hearing that, the driver nodded and skipped over this embarrassing topic to give her some wishes.

Time passed quickly. They arrived at Qi's mansion soon. Hester found herself penniless when she was asked to pay. She lived in Qi's mansion without anything. She almost forgot the effect of money.

Fortunately, the driver was a good man. Considering she was a disabled and a pregnant woman, the driver didn't charge her and even tell her to slow down.

Hester was excited and wanted to go to the top floor. However, she was stopped by the receptionist. She said that she was the wife of Terence, but the receptionist didn't believe her words and shut the door.

When she didn't know what to do, a man suddenly stood in front of her and stopped those rude security guards from pushing her.

"Hester, are you okay?" "What's wrong?". Mike asked worriedly

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